Walk into ship, survival & playerboarding

hello there. i would love to see that u can walk into diferent/ur ships and for example grow plants to cure starving. the ship walk should not include the change or modification of ship modules and stuff because eve is there alrdy. i just suggest an additional ,walk into ship" in order to grow plants or new productes that are especialy to survive in new eden. ofcsly it also could be used to transport players in an instance what is pretty usefule. it even opens a realtime opertunity for search and rescure or slave/player trades and else. to enter a ship the players should confirm but it could be also a cool thing that a capsule can be tractorbeamed so the players could be collected in ships. to rescue or else.
a player can then decide to disconnect from its clone and loose it or not.

anyway the maintherm is new instance shipwalk and its benefits.

You… do understand how big EVE ships are right?


Flying Growhouse Gank Catalyst.
Loot after Concord is done :

Crapload of “Amarrian Weed”


ye :smiley: it would be just realistic to get acess to a bunch of rooms tho

Look up ‘Walking in Stations’ and ‘Captains Quarters’.

CCP failed miserably at trying to create these kinds of spaces, and abandoned the idea. It would be a huge financial investment to build an entirely new graphics engine to launch this, so it will only happen if A) there is a strong case made for a market that would support it or B) an exec at CCP or PA makes it their pet project.

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No Man’s Sky is that way ------> You missed that left back there at Albuquerque…

Yeah, I think it would be cool too. But CCP already tried implementing walking in stations once before and it failed miserably (it was hell on people’s graphics cards, was unfinished, didn’t provide/improve game play, and released at a time when the player base was pissed about other stuff). Thus, a lot players would view any attempts for CCP to do something like that again as as evidence that CCP is moving backwards, and that they are out of touch with what the players want. So, I just don’t think that it’s ever going to happen.

No P2W

it was optional though and my PC ran it just fine…

I should clarify. When it launched, it wasn’t optional and was hell on people’s graphics cards.

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