Walking in Myth

Story Link: Walking in Myth
Length: Over eight thousand words, not forum friendly.
Subject: A capsuleer walks the streets of a city at war.
Location: Floseswin, unnamed City.
Accessibility: OOC for now, IC when Floseswin arc finishes or cities are obliterated.

Feedback very much appreciated. Feel free to post criticism or just general feelings on the story here or elsewhere you can find me.

I originally wrote this almost a month ago, but as my ISP has decided to proper screw me for a while now, and I won’t get a new provider installed until next month, I’ve been stuck on the phone only for internet access, which has left a lot of writing in limbo. Seeing Floseswin get more action in the news though, means I had to find a solution. With an external HDD, a work computer and being a bit naughty on said workstation, I’ve now gotten this one posted.

Please enjoy.

Edit: And apparently we have cakedays here. Welp.


Personal feelings here; thematically, I get a strong Altered Carbon vibe from this one. To me, this is a good thing.

Style comment; in the early paragraphs, it seemed that the descriptive/narrative passages might be served being broken into smaller chunks, if it wouldn’t ruin the cadence that you were trying to achieve. That is also a preference thing, so grain of salt and all that.

First-person, always a bold choice in my opinion. Highly immersive in this case, not overly descriptive except, perhaps, in very rare cases. There were times that the speaker shifts from inner monologue to “direct” the reader, which seemed intentional.

Looking forward to the next one. o7

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Quite an interesting point of view. Getting dirtside an out of the pod is something capsuleers need to normalize. Thanks for sharing.



The war has come to the City. The myth is shattering.

How much impact does a capsuleer and her network have in a city rising up against the invaders? Who knows. Maybe none at all. The important thing is taking the stand, and putting it all on the line. Let’s see if the remaining Amarr have the strength and courage to blow the generators.

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