Wallet ISK history

How long does it take for Isk transfers to
no longer show up in Wallet history?

Depends on what sort of transaction it is;

  • (NPC) Bounty Ticks happen every 20mins.
  • everything else should more or less show immediately.


I’ve highlighted the part you misunderstood.


Around 3 months i think?


Spai! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wallet and journal won’t show more than the last 1000 recorded elements IF you use the prev/next buttons. Still (for transactions only), it seems that there is a sort of timeout if you don’t sell/buy anything for a while (maybe 2 weeks, I am not sure) and so the prev/next buttons will get nothing, while the Journal still retrieve some data.

In the Journal, you CAN get very old data if you set up the date in the input area, but I think that there is a maximum number of recorded elements. My oldest entry is 2017/12/30. If I have to guess, it is something between 2500 and 5000 recorded elements. But here too, there seems to be a sort of timeout if you don’t have any recording for a while. Probably a month.

90 days.


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90 days is the answer you seek to hide your shady dealings from inquisitive recruiters


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