Wanderer Wormhole Save Location

Can anyone teach me how to save a 10,000KM location in the Wanderer Wormhole so I can jump directly to the cave entrance?
Many thanks!!!

Are you talking about the distance from where you land to the exit in an Unidentified WH? You cannot save that, you will need to travel the 80 odd km (or whatever it is) under your own power

If this is a Drifter wh we’re talking about…
Look for a celestial that’s on the opposite side of the Unidentified Wormhole from the landing beacon.
Warp to that celestial, then back to the beacon at 100km. You’ll land on the hole.

If there is no convenient celestial, you’re out of luck with this method.

But I saw someone just made such a point and jumped directly to the entrance of the hole.

Was their bookmark on the opposite side of the wormhole to the beacon?

If so, they warped to the beacon at 100km, landing on the hole.

Same technique as using a celestial, without the need for a compliant celestial.

They made the bookmark by burning off the wormhole in a fast ship.

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