Want to experience EVE Online in HDR?


As most people already know, EVE Online is a very beautiful game when it comes to visuals. But, the game is only in SDR mode even if you have a HDR display and have HDR with ‘Auto HDR’ activated in Windows 11. And that’s kinda boring if you ask me :smiley: .

However, there is a mod out now that will let you use HDR (not the fake HDR mode from Windows 11) in games by leveraging the generative AI capabilities of GeForce RTX GPUs (by using the Tensor cores) if you have a HDR capable display while running Windows 11. It doesn’t modify any of the game files for the games you are playing, so it’s safe to use with EVE Online.

It’s a mod that enables a hidden HDR setting in the NVIDIA graphic driver that was recently found in the latest NVIDIA graphic driver. This option isn’t made available in the NVIDIA control panel / settings yet. So, that’s why this mod exists.

There are 4 things that has to be meet before this mod can be used with EVE Online.

  1. You have to use Windows 11.
  2. You need to use a NVIDIA RTX card.
  3. You need to use the NVIDIA graphic driver v551.23 (or newer) + WDDM v3.1.
  4. A HDR capable display.

Here is what you have to do to get this to work.

First you have to ‘GO HERE’ and download the ‘NvTrueHDR 1.1-781-1-1-1707198245.zip’ file via ‘Slow Download’. You have to be logged in or have an account on the ‘Nexus Mods’ webpage before you can download the file.

Or you can go ‘this mirror link’ (MEGA) and download the file directly without having to log in or register an account on the ‘Nexus Mods’ webpage.

After that, then you have to do this.

  1. First enable HDR on all connected displays and disable Windows ‘Auto HDR’ mode.
  2. Extract the ZIP file somewhere and run the ‘NvTrueHDR.exe’ file.
  3. Enter the name of the game EXE file (exefile.exe in this case) when prompted, you will then be asked which action to take. Either choose a quality level, choose the ‘HUD’ option to display in-game indicator, or disable it. Make your choice and then press enter.

If the tool can’t find the game profile, try adding it in NVIDIA Control Panel’s ‘Manage 3D Settings’ page & apply settings after adding it, then try using the full path to the game EXE.

Recommend picking the ‘HUD’ option first to make it draw an on-screen indicator on top-left, letting you know if it’s active, once you know it works you can then re-enable it without the indicator (certain games may enable RTXHDR without drawing the indicator however)

  1. The tool should let you know whether the settings were saved successfully, now launch the game and hopefully it should then take effect.

‘VeryHigh’ quality has a noticeable FPS impact, measured ~10% difference between ‘VeryHigh’ and ‘Low’.

Admin permissions ‘shouldn’t be required for this tool’ in most cases. Some setups may prevent settings being modified for non-admins though, the tool will let you know if this is the case.

I have tested this with the ‘VeryHigh’ quality mode, and it both looks REALLY great and works great on my ‘RTX 3060 Ti’ GPU and on my HDR gaming display under ‘Windows 11’.

Source: https://videocardz.com/newz/nvtruehdr-nvidia-rtx-hdr-mod-can-convert-sdr-games-to-hdr


LOL, on the site it looks like simple gamma adjustment, contrast/brightness change.

It might be.

However, adjusting gamma, contrast & brightness doesn’t reduce the performance on the GPU, so this mod does more than just that as you can lose up to around 10% performance with this mod enabled. This mod uses the ‘Tensor’ cores in the NVIDIA GPUs. That’s why a NVIDIA RTX GPU is needed. And that’s why I believe this is more than just gamma, contrast & brightness adjustments.

It’s a million times better doing it this way over using the fake ‘Auto HDR’ mode in Windows 11, which is really bad. It’s never going to be 100% perfect as long as the game originally doesn’t support HDR.

EDIT: Starfield look bonkers with this mod also :smiley: .

It might be. However, adjusting gamma, contrast & brightness doesn’t reduces the performance on the GPU, so this mod does more than just that.

Maybe it reduces the performence doing just those things. In case they would like to sell you some better Graphic Card.

I have never seen or experienced reduced performance on my GPUs by adjusting gamma, contrast & brightness. It’s also different from games to games on how much the performance loss is.

So, I believe there is something else in the HDR mod that reduces the performance, like generative AI.

NVIDIA Readies RTX TrueHDR, Converts SDR Games to HDR in Real-time using AI | TechPowerUp

Now you don’t need this ‘NvTrueHDR NVIDIA RTX HDR mod’ anylonger as it’s finally made available officially by NVIDIA themself.

You have to download the newest NVIDIA graphic driver (as always) and then you also have to download this ‘NVIDIA App’ (in Beta atm) program to gain access to the RTX HDR function from NVIDIA: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/software/nvidia-app/

You can even adjust more things with the RTX HDR function there over what you can do with the RTX HDR mod (not the official one).