Want to hire protection from The Marmite Collective

Want to buy mercs to either talk them out of it or for protection. Let me know if you are interested and your price. War starts tonight.

The best way to deal with HS wardeccers is to dock up and not feed them anything. If the dec isn’t worth it by the end of the dec, then they most likely won’t bother deccing you again. Hiring mercs to defend you is honestly a waste of time and money. Alot of mercs that will probs contact you will likely be marmite alts who want to play both sides of the fence, if you pay one of them to “protect” you, you’ve effectively made their dec on you worth it and they may just do it again to milk you again.

You’re honestly best off moving to NS, the incomes are actually worth while and you pretty much never get decced unless one of your corpies is doing something stupid in HS.

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