Do you want to be a Space faring Pirate? Do you want to ditch the prison of Null-Sec? Do you want to learn from veterans of the game? If so the KINAKKA. [KINK] is for you!

We are a group of friends reigniting the great Low Sec PvP of Black Rise from the Holy Land of Kinakka. We are committed to providing a home for those of you who:

• Want to learn to play the game how its meant to be played, in 1v1 and small gang fights.

• Want a diverse group of active PvP pilots from around the world and of different skill levels

• Crave the constant content that we are bringing back to Black Rise

• Just want to hangout and have fun

We understand that real life comes first and just provide a place to enjoy the game and blow ■■■■ up so we have no activity requirements and no SP requirements (just do the starter missions). Just drop by our Discord (https://discord.gg/pKfMWvx) or our public channel (Kinakka Pub) and ask for a director or HR staff to help out applying.


Salute to fellow pirates of Black Raise not many groups survive here

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best corp in black rise

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o7 Not only do we survive we thrive.

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Great corp with lots of active pvpers in it.

Come around to kinakka if you want a guaranteed fight

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Yeah and growing all the time.



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