Want to sale 113mil sp Character

(Xtream Enderas) #1

WTS Me a 113 mil Sp all around Character…


no Kill rights

i Pay Transfer Fee

Located in High sec,

Positiv Wallet,

Sec Status 5.00

Start the biding at 22 bil (everything lower i accept as free BUMP)

(Jita Pricer007) #2

22b isk ready

(Mj11jM Hegirin) #3

42B isk, because 42 is the answer to everything

(Xtream Enderas) #4

Bidding will stop on sunday at 9:00 pm centreal

(The Great Engineer) #5

43 bil

(Xtream Enderas) #6


(Wolfgang Clare) #7

44b offer

(IChooseYou) #8

95bil if now.

(Maizie Fields) #9

97 bil

(Xtream Enderas) #10


(Xtream Enderas) #11


(Xtream Enderas) #12

I have accepted Maizie offer of 97 bil character will be transfered soon as isk is sent

(Maizie Fields) #13

ISK and account information has been sent. Thanks!

(system) #14

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