Wanted to spin some brand new spaceships in browser, but

So, I’ve visited this link:
to spin Enforcer in my browser, but sadly it isn’t being visible.

CCP, When you’ll add the newest ships (and reworks) onto the internet to spin them? :smiley_cat:

Of course, I would say sorry if posted in an inproper thread.
I don’t have permission to post in “issues” section.

the ship shows up for me, when i change the skin. i’ve tried concordbase and it showed up.

Yeah, but as an old model.

oh. my bad, then.

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I think this is just someone not updating model on the site. CCP have nothing to do with that site.

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Lukas Rox is maintaining that site. What I’m asking is a just addition of the missing assets which are used to render ships (and skins and such) in WebGL view.

Ah, so its just embedded and CCP is responsible for not updating their models in some external ship viewer? I thought they removed that from their site long time ago and stoped caring… :confused:

The official 3D viewer was removed, but 3D assets remain because 3rd party devs are using them - like Lukas Rox’s website and Caldari Prime Pony Club ran by T’amber Demaleon :slight_smile:

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The webgl assets will be updated soon™