War declare Bug

i really dont know who the mastermind was, behind the “new” balanced war system, but this is definetly a using of exploits:

when do you thing, you can fix it, of course after the mysteryos “ddos” attacks…


First I lost my BS at the mission due to server issues and I had to wait for a week to reimbursement of my ship and still I’m not sure I should undock it. And now I find myself in the war when my corporation is not war eligible. Chat doesn’t work properly and doesn’t always show all people in high sec system. I’m forced to experience war plus high sec blackout plus I can be disconnected at any time plus half of my corporation can’t log in at all. So I have to sit in the dock all weekends.

I don’t think this is quality of service people should pay for.

Is there any way to avoid this? Its a huge pain being constantly at war.

Maybe a workaround would be to have the 100m isk be due up front by the aggressor, then give the other party involved additional time to come up with the payment?

Is there going to be any response from CCP about this issue? I’ve watched the notification feed pop up saying my corporation is now eligible for war declarations, then corporation declares war on your corporation, 30 minutes later Your corporation is no longer eligible for war declarations. Meanwhile you are instantly thrown into a war with some douchebags and there is nothing you can do but sit in dock or risk forced PVP throughout the entirety of New Eden. This has been going on for over 15 days now and so far WeR4 has netted several billion isk from farming new players with no idea how to PvP. So far CCP has done nothing to respond to this issue, I’ve witnessed several hundred people in my corporation ready to give it all up and never log on again because they cant do anything in the game, because the instant they undock to enjoy the game, the get ganked, there is no enjoyment.

I found a video in the ICANP Discord demonstrating the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxhgQ55ysCM

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