War favors attacker abuse

This war system favors people who abuse the system. An attacker should be required to actually attack once per day to maintain a war. In a meaningful way such as shields down. If the attacker does not have what it takes end it that day. This keeps the objectives to the game only and not the real world mental health of the players.

I would go so far to say CCP supports the attackers position too highly.

I am sure people will flame and moderators will lock like every unpopular opinion.

So when the defenders all dock up for a day so that the attacker cannot fight, war should be over, according to you?


Right XD

People declare wars to do pvp other then station bashing. If you don’t want to experence a war don’t own a station? Or use an alt corp? pretty common tactic.

He is talking about structures.

Yes, which have timers that can take more than a day before they can be attacked again.

Defenders have the ability to give the attackers no valid targets in space for a day. As such, it is silly to suggest an ‘attack per day’ as a requirement to maintain a war. This would allow defenders to say ‘I quit’ and exit the war at will, which defeats the purpose of these wars.

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Your idea is more confusing than unpopular.

Wars are over structures, and structures have significant timers, sometimes with many days between windows where the attacker is allowed to shoot them. This is for the “mental health” of the defenders so they can prepare and organize a defence largely on their terms (not the attackers) and not have to defend a station 24/7 or anything.

Are you proposing that wars should be shorter? Maybe with less or shorter timers so that it finishes one way or another quicker? Or is there something else you are concerned about?

I mean, wars are completely optional. They pretty much always have been (you can leave a corp at war at any time) and CCP left holes in latest version of the war system you can drive a Charon through with the ability to use holding corps to own structures and yet dodge wars. I truly am at a loss here what problem you think there is and how forcing a mandatory daily timer would solve them.

EDIT: Ok, I kinda see now:

The OP seems to be a newer players that has started an alliance for some reason with structures in it and a name that will act like massive red flag to people looking for a target. They did not stop running PvE in blingy ships for some reason after the war started, and have recently lost a few, which is a very common reason people run to the forums to suggest a new “idea” to make the game better.

@Deathmolor, you are at war. Stop undocking expensive ships. Fight back, or use much cheaper alternatives to do your activities until the war is over. Perhaps even offer to surrender if you want this to be over faster? In any case, once it is over move your structures into a separate holding corp and then you will have the option whether to defend your stuff (and accept the risk of the war) or not and still go about your business with CONCORD protection.

Second edit:

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Come on man. This is the corp the majority of your Alliance is in. You are the executor of a PvP-seeking Alliance and now you are complaining that someone took you up on your offer?

Forget my previous advice. You wanted PvP and now you have it. You are “experienced pilots in the art of Killing” so I’m staying out of it. :angry:


Your talking about mutual wars, involuntary wars are all about the structure. If it is not case then the war system was actually intended by the developer to attack peoples personal mental health.

Real world consequences to cruel and sociopathic game development.

Your use of killboard is amazing. just because i have money to burn does not mean i should be a target. In fact by that logic then this comes a real world crime. The intent to line CCP pockets with my money to keep your game alive, of which i apparently don’t belong.

well that kill board information is very interesting, the largest and most successful corp is only able to maintain a 50/50.

wow… now im going to wardec him as well.


Dude, you both opted in to the war system and then bragged about your group’s PvP prowess. There is nothing “sociopathic” about the fact another group chose to challenge you to a war.

You don’t have to be in a structure-holding corp and you don’t have to brag about your PvP ability. You can change these things and wars won’t find you. Like at all.

Or you can complain on the forums and ask that the rules of the game be re-written in your favour. The choice is yours, but it appears to me one has a good chance of success, and the other is just going to get you ridiculed.

Fly safe, whichever you choose!

That’s not my corp. Nice use of a strawman, avoiding the argument because you can’t argue the merits.

I am not afraid of ridicule. We have offered our current attacker an out but he continues even though he has no chance of success.

Who are you talking to, me still?

You are the CEO of the executive corp of the alliance that corp is in. Those are your people. If you don’t want to be associated with them, kick them from your alliance. Otherwise, you should stand behind your people.

That’s what leaders do.

Great. Sounds like fun content. I’m not sure then why you made the original post asking for some (admittedly vague) changes to the war system.

Well, I am completely confused now so I will go. Have fun with your war then!


Funny enough they also declared war against others, but the minute it is done against them it is unfair?

Might be because…

EDIT: I am definitely declaring war when I log in today.


I did not declare war, i transferred structures due to a bug the GM’s created. That corp was my corp. Sounds like the GM’s will have to get involved with the issue they created.

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Dont post GM responses on the forums.

It is not allowed.

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well they created the problem and now it is becoming a social problem, they need to own up to their mistakes and that it can cause social consequences as well.

Seriously dude.

That is not the point.

Get over yourself. It still does not mean you can post a response from GM.