War is Over?

All stations will be owned by 1 man alt corps?

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Just make it that neutral helpers in a war get concorded and go criminal for an hour… then you won’t see 1 person alt corps for stations.


I’m talking about after they ignore our feedback…

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Which then ends in all station getting dunked by 1 man corps.

Tears? I see tears? Cannot be tears, you are tough guys who never cry… :smiling_imp:


you can join a war for almost free.

Yeah, but then you’re in the war. And not neutral anymore.

Don’t be stupid, again, bad game design is just bad.

Sure. That’s the only rational setup now.

In that case rather than make structure ownership on pita they should just remove wars.

Wars are done either way, why FU structure ownership.

Well wars don’t mean much anyway, code has had a structure up in Halima or some dang where and some how it is not even attacked so it seems like nobody will go after it to start trouble because everyone is busy farming, like me, except I stopped caring long ago.

Maybe they followed their own principles and purchased a structure permit from those who would attack them otherwise. :joy:

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I don’t care for code’s game style but at least you can’t say they are only hiding away.

I don’t care about their gamestyle either, nor if they hide away or not, completely indifferent. :wink:

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