War Journal: Triglavian Collective

Which makes me think, would siding with Drifters help us recover illegally occupied by Triglavians territories?

What do exact Drifters need? Corpses? We could feed them corpses of Kybernauts or corpses of those who were hunting them down. Those of us who kept neutral stance to Vigilant Tyrannos, I guess, could try to establish contacts with them with sacrificing raiders who were murdering them.

I think that offering them corpses of their enemies will also allow us to speak to them from position of power instead of some sort of beggars, it will show our merit and excellence in combat against thouse marauders who were diving into their wormholes.

If the operation will be successful, the State and Empire will get a powerful ally in face of Drifters. And if we will be especially persuasive, maybe we could even try to make Vigilant Tyrannos to pledge their allegiance to the State as Ninth Mega.

That is… hella dark. Probably a better idea to start repairing them in engagements against the Collective. Still quite a long shot.
Alternatively, I have heard of certain capsuleers… collecting corpses… Eugh. If you are absolutely determined to follow that path.

I feel dirty now, thanks.

Um. While I can’t say for sure that you’re mistaken about the rest, Ms. Kim, the Drifters … well.

They kind of seem to look at us as insects?

… seeing what the Triglavians are capable of I kind of understand why, but …


Also the directrix reminds me quite properly that the Drifters assassinated Empress Jamyl and the Empire maintains a formal state of war with them to this day.

So there’s, you know, that.


Tenth Mega


Learn to count.

From a certain point of view, the “9th Mega” is considered to be the Guristas, as they do perform some kind of service to the State by a form of “Dissimilar Space Combat Training” as they engage trade convoys etc.

Other people say Quafe is the 9th Mega as Quafe Corporation has official State recognised corporate status in the State.

In the end, the Triglavians are trying to make us all believe that their rule is better than our rule. They have already conquered the Test Alliance, which will use their new High Sec homes protected by the Triglavians as staging points to wipe out all High Sec corporations and alliance from. In the end, the Triglavian will extirpate even Test, until only the Triglavians are left and the Abyss is our only refuge.

( i have a few corpse in jita )

Are - Are you offering to give me corpses to offer to the Drifters?


Well. If you are willing to give me these corpses, I will attempt to drop them in view of some Drifters and document the results. I’m currently docked at Jita 4-4 myself.
If you could also find a wormhole from known space into Pochven, that would certainly be appreciated and make this… experiment… more feasible.
This is not what I was expecting to wake up to. [shrug]

send me a message when you are at jita

There was someone years ago who experimented with this, sir. I seem to remember the results were mixed-- I think they can’t be packed too close together for one thing?

Also I don’t think the Drifters ever showed anything like gratitude. The autothysian lancers might even get aggressive if they detect biomass in your cargo; I don’t know if they still do that.

Things may be different now. That’s basically what we’re testing for. If you could find a link to those results, a control group of sorts would not be amiss.

I’ve been looking but don’t see it offhand. Someone with ARC might have it; they tend to be good about keeping track of data. Better than I am for sure.

Today’s visit to T-space did not uncover any Drifters. In addition, neither of the two wormholes present led to a Drifter system. This almost completely invalidates the “Drifters making wormholes” theory.
My conclusion is that the new types of wormholes are a symptom of Totality, not artificially induced.
At least in the system I visited today. So far my sample size is two visits to separate systems. I believe this system is classified as a “border” system. It’s possible no Drifter forces were there simply to prioritize other systems.

When you say “didn’t led to drifter system”, you mean by using a drifter generated one ? With the large stabilization device? Or the natural ones ?

The two wormholes present were my entry point and a wormhole that scanned as an R081 class.

Perhaps of note, the class R081 had environmental anomalies identical to other wormholes into Pochven.

Then it’s normal, this class of wormhole don’t lead to drifter controlled space.

Can you give more details on those environmental anomalies?