War resolution by altering 2 ends of a force by encouraging them towards different ends

I had this eve forum post idea about an interactive window that opens up when ever you are the defender (war deceleration occurs). The main idea/results is to make aggressors happy by getting them more of what they want, while taking some pressure/force off of rookie pilots/subscribers.
by informing rookies, through […], that there are numerous options out there. Options that new pilots have no clue exist would make more interesting game play.

I do not want to nail allot down, so “[…]” could be CONCORD, SOE (ticker name: SEVE), or make some name up if those can’t do it due to their ethics.

Options like:

  • hire reputable™ mercenaries to fight on your side via one click (anonymous option),
  • place bounty on aggressor member/corp/alliance (encourage reactions),
  • introduction to evewho.com (if that is ethical),
  • Pay to see […] intelligence on systems most frequented by aggressor (This would not necessarily be live data but based on past information). These locations would rather be their hot spots than were they currently are.
    • This is already available via seeing all corporate members of the aggressor via evewho.com , and then you’d proceed to track them down via tracking agent.
  • more options an experienced pilot would know as a reaction to such (being defender).

As a reaction […] has decided to encourage [not only] EVE pilots survive but more like prevent EVE be[come] a graveyard.

First idea is/was to tame the beast (aggressors , 1/x-th % of all) to divert towards a cancellation (receiving party).
Who other would love more than itself to get an invitation from […] to be hired by […] mercenary/defence services to fight the aggressor anyway cause they:

  • are registered as such a pilot service
  • have tagged aggressors in past such as to be notified of available job
  • have a war history with aggressor where they had success/failure in fighting them (revenge)

This way we encourage aggressors by pointing them at each other; moreover, we take an undesirable force away from rookies/endeavours. In a sense we would be cancelling out war chaos. Of course, it may backfire and turn everyone into, ahh, war maniacs, but at least it happened in a simulation then. Yet, if it succeeded it would introduce harmony into space.

We are half way there. If you look at the commercials in-station, you’d probably see war assistance services commercialized.

We could keep it like it is then the aggressors aren’t getting as much bang for their buck, and rookie pilots/subscribers are sometimes lost due to war.

Answer to questions:

  • “[…]” could be CONCORD, SOE (ticker name: SEVE), or make some name up if those can’t do it due to their ethics.

  • who is this " […] mercenary/defence services " &

  • how do you make a top 100 list?
    NPC end of service that offers jobs out to pilot corporations to that end of fighting aggressor towards defender. […] mercenary/defence services also manages a top 100 lists that is presented to the defender as to select whom to hire. Such a list is trivial to make for the data (needed for math to define what seat hire-able corporations are in) already exists in game (ISK KILLED can be seen in a corporation’s War History).

  • reputable™ meant a system where […] mercenary/defence services would monitor for results from battle loses and/or victories of both sides*. Where, those results would define the hired corporation’s spot on a top 100 list. Thus, a reputable list can exist.
    * : aggressor and entity hired via […] mercenary/defence services.

  • Who pays the […] defence services pilot? Bounties, defender, & CCP .

  • Who pays the […] mercenary services pilot? Bounties, defender, & CCP .

  • Members of defender corporation get more options greyed out on the interactive window; where as, that corp’s CEO gets all options.

  • What is meant by one corporation tagging another?
    Supposing that any corporation(#1) can tag another corporation(#2) such that when the latter corporation(#2) declares war upon another corporation(#3) then corporation #1 gets notified by […] only if corporation #3 accepts or pays for such a service.

  • More on top 100 list
    If the hired corporation can’t show that it is trying to do something through either ISK Killed (loss) or ISK Killed (won) (versus the aggressor) then it should obviously drop down on the list of available corporations for hire; moreover, it should be obvious that math done to see such results should only be based off of data gathered after such game implementation is done cause such ISK Killed scores didn’t matter in such a way back then . Finally, so what if the aggressor gets away from the hired corporation and even devastates the defender? Kudos / fame / glory to them for making their enemy look bad.

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