Warcrows - Nomads, Wormhole, PvP and Exploration

Place to have a chat is in: the flightdeck

We do what ever we want to do, in all of New Eden and unknown space!

Our “home” is a C2 with HS an C3 statics.
Easy access to tradehubs, as well as exploration and ratting in C3’s.

You do NOT have to live in our hole however.
Many of us live in other places and we call ourself nomads more often than we call ourselfs wormholers…

We try to gang up and go roaming at least once per week, normaly on fridays.

If you want to join a corp where you are free to do what you want, train what you want, then we might be for you.

At the moment we only accept players with a bit of experience, how much depends from case to case.
Have a talk to us in: the flightdeck

We look forward to hear from you!


Just bumping…

Come have a talk with us!
Join our channel: the flightdeck

In our corp we can be whatever we want to be.

I want to be a furry, a furry having a latex extravaganza while swiming in a pool fild with milkshake.

Now… Who or what do you want to be?

Filthy casual? weekend warrior? looking for a challenge and new friends?

Come fly with us! =)

We are still looking for new members, hit us up sometime!

This is a bump, you know… bump bump bump…


Yes we looking for new members!

We are infact recruiting!

Another day another BUMP!!!

Come have a talk with us in our channel: the flightdeck

If you reading this you deserve a funny youtube clip…

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We’re still looking for more members with a similar mindset, log on and hop into channel for a chat, whats the worst that could happen!

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Still looking for more EU and EST members!

this is a bump…


We still at it!

Come check us out, join our discord we have a public bit!
Join ingame channel “the flightdeck” for details :wink:

Here is a typical Warcrow in action, come join us and we’ll help you create your own content!

We are still looking for like minded PvPer’s, enjoy going to other peoples space solo or in small gangs? hit us up!

Yes, we are still looking to grow!

Come join us, ingame channel: the flightdeck

Bumping thread again!