Wardec mechanics improving


(Alex Dujev) #1

The price for declaring a war should be rised on a great level.

It is obvious now that a wardecing mechanics needs to be improved. This is one of solutions, simple and effective.
The war declaration price should be no less than 1 kkk ISK.

(Rivr Luzade) #2

The more expensive wars become when you declare one against bigger groups, the less likely they get war dec’d. In the past, there were years where CONDI and all alliances of CFC were permanently war dec’d by the big high sec war groups. Today, they can roam around with impunity in high sec because it is not cost effective to keep them under war dec all the time. This is a big problem.

(Nevyn Auscent) #3

The only change to wardec pricing is that it should be based on the size of your group, not the size of your target. Small groups should have a cheap time to declare war, large groups an expensive time. Since it’s providing content to more people. Obviously then have a comparable fee for accepting anyone while in an offensive war to avoid abuse.
This then provides a counter pressure to the bigger blob approach, it’s not much of a counter pressure, but it would exist at least.

As for the rest of wars, they are fine. The issue with wars is the lack of incentives for the typical defender corp in highsec to both grow in size, and to bother fighting the war. CCP missed a great chance with the moon mining where if they had added ‘ownership’ on the corp/alliance level to a moon belt from a refinery, there would both be a reason to grow the corp for the mining & defense, and a reason to stay and fight since dropping corp would mean you couldn’t safely mine the belt. So you would have to risk an attack or give up mining that particular chunk, resulting in a cost either way. But they passed the opportunity up.

(mkint) #4

There isn’t a point of balance on wardec costs that will make anyone happy. In fact, any attempts to balance war mechanics in the context of attacker vs defender are all doomed to fail. For there to be any success in wardec mechanics, the context has to change so drastically it forces a perception change on the meaning of wardec.

So, fiddle with your numbers all you want, it doesn’t really matter. Won’t change anything at best, will screw up the economy at worst.

(Scipio Artelius) #5

If the price of wars was raised to 1 Billion ISK, what trade off would you as a defender be willing to also give up to keep the current viability of the wardec mechanics?

Unlimited time for the wardec? No ability to dodge the war? Automatically kicked out of stations into space?

It can’t just be, raise the price for them, but have no impact on me.

So what would you trade for the price to be increased?

(Daichi Yamato) #6

The price for declaring a war should be rised on a great level.

Well obviously not. Dec’s weren’t rife before they were made expensive, and they certainly aren’t now.

Wardec costs and the cost of starting a new corp should be similar.

(Merin Ryskin) #7

I have a better proposal. The cost of a war should be equal to 1 billion ISK minus the number of idiotic whine threads from players who feel they are entitled to 100% safety in highsec. That means the current price of a war should be somewhere around 100 ISK per week.

(Count Szadek) #8

I used to be very much interested in nerfing the attacking side of wardecs. But as time went on, I learned that it wouldn’t do much. War Dec right now are fine in terms of cost as it scales with number of players in your (defender) corp. the main thing atm is that defenders don’t really have a way of ending it for good. As, another group can just declare war. Also, some wars are contracts from clients. So any forced ending means that that contract has been voided.

One thing that i have learned while playing this game is that hi sec isn’t designed to be “safe”. Its designed with specific mechanics, and is safe only in a lore aspect. There is no PVE only / leave me alone areas of the game (nor should there be).

While I do agree that war declarations could use a rework / look at, I don’t agree with the solution proposed. I’m not sure what would fix it, but I don’t think that this solution will.

(system) #9

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