WARNING.. citadels can trap you in take-control mode

if you dock to citadel and board it to put core,fuel it,fit modules and you get caught by server downtime then you are screwed,after downtime you wont be able to get off your citadel so you gonna stay in take-control mode forever. only way is to unanchor/destroy

poses fueled and onlined have rare problems with shield,sometimes it stuck at 0% need bring remote shield repping ship and repair it a little then it will go up on its own

corporation management missing director role,exsisting directors seems to still work but you cannot set new ones.

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im stuck in fortizar for third day… willing to take down services and let someone blow it up so i can anchor a new one and remember to not stay in take-control for more than couple minutes

Can’t you just submit a support ticket? The “stuck in space” ones usually get a quick resolution.

Last time I tried to get help for a bug on sisi, they said that they don’t do anything about test server bugs.

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Did you do support ticket or bug report on sisi?

today they fixed this nasty thing… citadels are nolonger our ship tombs…they still investigate pos towers that start with 0 shields. and corp role management with no director tab


It took 126 clicks to give full hangar access to my alt.

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