Warning Shots (and more)

Dear CCP,

it would be great to introduce a mechanism by which we can fire warning shots in pvp. Although most players would elect to fire at someone immediately if they are in their wormhole or such but it would be nice to have the option to give them a chance to leave someone’s territory with a scare or threaten them. - So you lock onto them then right-click on the target and select Fire Warning Shot straight across their bow, followed by a custom preset message.

Allow us to set the default chat window when you log-in. So it automatically switches to Corp chat for instance.

Dual-Screen option (maybe even 3) - but keep the ship centred on one screen only; you can choose which screen. Therefore the second screen can give more real-estate to keep windows open and have less clutter overall. The second/third screen acts like a side window of the ship.

Thank you


Unless you have enough firepower to blast right through the target’s shield, isn’t any shot a warning shot given that shields can regenerate?


My tornado loves warning shot’s


People love warning shots. Gives them a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Like this very polite one.

Just yellow box them. That’s a pretty good threat to start with. Even better if you back it up with ewar but not guns


What nevyn said. Locking them up is the universal sign for ‘im watching you’. In 90% of circumstances that is a warning.



This is a pointless idea. In any situation where firing is legal (IOW, not in highsec) wasting time on a warning shot would be stupid. The fact that you exist on their overview is a clear signal to everyone involved that the fight is about to start as soon as someone is in range to fire. Wasting time on a warning shot just gives the person trying to kill you those extra seconds to close into range/set up an orbit/whatever and put you at a disadvantage.


You can always use fireworks for this purpose. :wink:

It works quite well, countless hi-sec miners can confirm that when my above showcased catalyst MWD bump + fireworks and/or snowball alpha strikes them they often warp away rapidly but at the very least think they are being ganked… which is a good way to show them they should not mine afk as instead of me it could be a real ganker in a real gankalyst.

Some cases you can even trigger a failed suicide gank attempt and sell some killright afterward by using fireworks and/or snowballs. So in my experience these could work well and you only need to sacrifice one slot for them and require no launcher (nor turret) hard point to fit.


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