Warp scanner, warp tracer, warp tunnel breaking

Few modules that will interact with existing warp mechanics to bring more despair and suffering ito this game .

Warp scanner.
High slot active module. allows to see start and end points hyperspace tunnel, created by other ship. When active, iit creates scematical funnel, visible fir all players in grid until warp tunnel exists.
Module will not decloak enemy ship, but player will know that something is coming. Coordinates of funnel may not be 100% accurete and may depend from module’s meta level and some existing skill’s level.
Locking warpout funnel as a target may land insta-lock for first (or largest) ship landing in it. Scrambling / webbing warp-out funnel may work as well.
Scrambling / dicrupting warp-in funnel by Heavy Interdictor’s beam may force warp tunnel to break, so victim(s) will exit warp somewhere on the way to his(their) dectination (like if he(they) started to warp with low capacitor).
Avaliable for all ships.

Warp tracer
Med slot, active module. Allows to transform warp-in funnel into something like virtual acceleration gate, that leads to warp-out funnel coordinates. This gate may be used by friendly interceptor or mjd destroyer to overtake and catch slow target at warp-out coordinates. This may halp to catch people who is trying to safe logoff, warp to safespot, “warp in 50km” etc.
Avaliable for ships which are capable to fit covert ops cloak.

After they are scram there could be a tractor beam, it would be like a long rubber band and the target would be pulled backwards.


I would like it, but only if its usable on sub caps and only vs caps.

Hm. Why do you think those are needed?

You can already know that something’s coming by using the directional scanner. Don’t need a module for that. You can already instantly and automatically disrupt targets landing on grid by using bubbles, and you can already pull ships out of warp in a different location using those as well. Instalocking ships also are already a thing as well as instalocking ships that can scram and web.

Read his text again, he wants to see cloaked ships incoming.

And insta-lock them…

Wow, overpowered much?

just do what the rest of eve does and watch the player warp off then use your own player skill to accurately determine what celestial they went to.

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