Was 2013 Really the Last Time Eve Received an AWARD 🥇

Was 2013 Really the Last Time Eve Received an AWARD :1st_place_medal:

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Awards dont mean much honestly. Half the time they are bought or given to a game for stupid reasons.




Does anybody outside of the gaming press and industry care enough any more?
It’s like everybody is a bot now. Even when they are not playing.


It’s only gone downhill since, so what would it get an award for? Gradually becoming worse every patch?

People like to complain, but you have to admit that the graphics are stunning. When I cast it to my TV it looks like a High Definition movie. Can we pat CCP on the back every now and then?

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I nominate Eve online for best MMO interface 2019


I thought they won this year for best drunken devs in a hot tub?

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This award was given to those who stand out among their peers.
Awards generally provide an insight into the people’s minds,
as long as it’s the people who give them out through voting.

Steam Awards, for example.
A wealth of data to be gathered, people enjoy it
and companys get not only free advertising,
but also some insight into what people think of them.

It’s a Win from every perspective.
Sounds pretty meaningful to me.

I agree 100%. So why hasn’t Eve received any lately?

Because it’s ■■■■.

What kind of stupid question is that?

I disagree 100%. If you really feel that way…move on already.

The game’s ■■■■ at the moment. Your small mind not understanding that, because it’s limitted to it’s narrow view of you pretending to be “Count Vlad”, does not change a ■■■■■■■ thing about how the game turned to ■■■■ over the years.

You not knowing any better isn’t my ■■■■■■■ problem.
You being unable to handle when someone says it’s ■■■■ …
… also isn’t my problem.

Or else what are you going to do?
Throw impotent rage in form of words on the internet at me?

You made a ■■■■■■■ thread asking
why the game didn’t receive any more awards lately.

I gave you the simplest, most easily comprehensible answer.

You not liking it is your problem.

You seem very upset. Tell me about your Mother.



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