Why has Eve not won any awards or accolades since 2013?

According to the CCP Awards and Accolades page here Awards and Accolades - EVE Community.

Last award or accolade was from 2013.

Why was there no further awards or accolades listed?

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Because the MMO industry died during Cataclysm.


Because all the talented developers are gone and we are left with bottom of the barrel talent like Rattati?


To be fair, World of Warcraft was like ninety percentile of the revenue of entire MMO industry. MMO’s were never big to begin with. It was just that one unicorn that made it seem big. I didn’t even know it was an massive multiplayer game until I stumbled upon a free to play Chinese clone of it. I just though World of Warcraft was some weird blizzard game at the Walmart store that only adults are smart enough to play. I thought this because of the subscription and the “bazillions of expansions”. I didn’t realize I was the target audience. My parents wouldn’t have payed for the subscription anyways. Expansions and subscriptions were not normal back then. I was too used to “buy all of the game at once and play it forever, no transactional extras” model of yesteryear. I have the privilege of growing up though the butchering of said model. Fun times.

I envy you old fucks. Your games are way better.

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expansions and subscriptions were certainly normal when world of warcraft came out. Prior to blizzard and wow, there were such games as everquest, which was easily on par with ultima and runescape, and probably much bigger.
Don’t try to relive time periods you weren’t alive for.


Calm down, miner.
If World of Warcraft is your entire video game experience, everyone is a boomer to you.


One of my first video games I ever played was Mario Paint and Actraiser. I also remember playing Kirby’s dream land on the Super Game Boy. I was a “retro gamer” when I was six years old, at least a solid two decades before it was cool.

Get on my level.

First; your game choices suck.
Second; Why would I need to be “retro gamer” if I was alive when those came out?
You can try to relive time periods you weren’t alive for, but you look vapid while doing so.

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Get off my lawn.

Dead thread that has been derailed. INB4 lock. RIP.

i stoped to play wow during cataclysm
i had a bling gear that cost me A LOT of time to grind then i killed a boar or sumting and dropped a stupid coconut helmet that had bigger stats than my gear
i was WtF im not doing that â– â– â– â–  again

about awards
i think the gaming media simply hates EVE , don’t know why , i saw other day TOP mmos that lasted for years , no EVE on the list , they act like there is no eve online

Because hating EVE is the popular opinion, and that sells the story. That’s what gets them the clicks and the ad revenue.

Also, considering the ratio of EVE players who tried EVE, got their spaceship blown up, and then rage-quit the game to EVE players who actually liked the game and played it for a long period of time, it should surprise no one that most of the writers in the media who cover the game would fall into the former. There was a particularly famous example of a Kotaku writer (or some other similar â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  rag like that) putting out hit piece after hit piece and raging about the sociopaths et cetera and how no one should be playing this game. You know, media objectivity.


cataclysm was the hayday of world of warcraft, with legion being the next big bump. it’s been dying out ever since.
I notice a lot of streamers, especially, that when asked about eve will admit they have never and will never play because of the online “reviews” of people complaining everything isnt handed to them on a platter.
I’ve been reading a lot of these said reviews and articles, and I can’t help but think the authors have been banned from eve for various eula issues, or shunned out of the eve community. They stink of the same forum clowns that haven’t played in years, but still come on here to complain about everything they don’t experience.

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No, just ganked and angry about losing a video game item.

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also true. I should have mentioned that as well.
I don’t know if it’s the entire gaming community, but I know it’s almost the entire gaming industry. It seems like more and more pandering to the terribads is the sop, while little to nothing is pushed towards even the mediocre players like myself. I can’t imagine how frustrating it is for the top 10% of gamers.

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We might be moving slightly away from that. The millennials (and I am one myself, though obviously divergent from the norm) are the bleeding heart SJW generation responsible for gaming’s competitive decline, but I’ve noticed that younger players are much more willing to compete, and some recent MMOs, survival games, and Souls-like games have seen a resurgence in the presence of hardcore elements.

But yes, it was actually getting hard to find a game competitive enough for me to enjoy for about a decade or so.

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Well I guess that the future events that are comming give rewards to the players. Why does a Company need to sponsor rewards for themselves? When they could hold tournaments that allow players to become apart of CCP’s success that allow the players to shine in the media? Livestream promotion of top players would bring a larger following into Eve Online rather than a stamped plaque nailed to a wall in a office foyer.

The only reason why people like you and Remi play video games is because you were too short to be a basketball player, and they bullied you in the school gym. Failures like you don’t play video games for fun, but rather to back-rub your ego and satiate your sense of superiority over your fellow peers, and nowadays, of the younger generation.

Yes, you’re definitely one of the good ones.

Blame the invisible boogieman apparently from the generation before me, not the billionaire shitheads that make casino-like addict-breeding skinnerboxes they call games. By the way, this ESS JEE DUBBA is a tiny minority of the population that is no where near exclusive to one particular generation.

Listen, amoeba, you don’t know enough about anyone here to be making claims about real life. However, you are putting your real mentality on display for everyone.

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So you’re saying that I was bullied for something that was completely outside of my control, like my height, and now I’m bullying others for something that actually is within their control, e.g. choosing to play a video game as a whiny wage slave instead of putting some guns on their ships and blowing up the players picking on them? Okay.

Everyone does this. This is the human condition.

But I just complimented the zoomers?

That’s not the standard by which I judge games. What happens in the mobile Candy Crush world is none of my concern. What I do notice is that a decade ago, when I died in a survival game I lost everything, but today I get to keep all of my “persistent skills” and can also go to my stash in one of the many safe zones available on the map to equip another set of armor and automatic weapons that I farmed.

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