What's Holding This Game Back?

World of Warcraft started roughly at the same time as Eve Online. In my humble opinion, WoW is complete garbage and Eve is spectacular. Yet, Wow has grown exponentially compared to EO.

Why? As the OP states, what is holding this game back?

World of Warcraft was a major critical and commercial success upon its original release in 2004 and quickly became the most popular MMORPG of all time, reaching a peak of 12 million subscribers in 2010. The game had over one hundred million registered accounts by 2014 and by 2017, had grossed over $9.23 billion in revenue, making it one of the highest-grossing video game franchises of all time. The game has been cited by gaming journalists as the greatest MMORPG of all time and one of the greatest video games of all time and has also been noted for its long lifespan, continuing to receive developer support and expansion packs over 15 years since its initial release.


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Meh, WoW ended up being pretty mid.

And this is coming from a dude whose killed Leeroy.

Also WoW and EVE have two very different player targets.

Nice attempt at a troll thread tho :smiley:

WoW is a great game but EVE will always have one thing WoW doesn’t. In WoW, the game content are the expansions and with the last two expansions lately it’s been more of the same thing. In EVE, the players ARE the game content and it’s always different.


If you want the big player numbers, you have to target the 85 IQ people.


The in-game economy.

Wow has cycles: when a new update is released, people play, farm the new dungeons and maps, then stop playing until the next release.

In Eve, you keep loosing items and ships over the time, so you always have something to grind for.


This is not a troll thread.

I’d like nothing more than to see Eve Online flourish.

They have. It’s called ganking.


Sure pal.

LOL, bias confirmed :smiley:

Learn how to EVE friend.

Just as you are biased against AG?

Hypocrite confirmed.

World of Warcraft and Eve Online are wildly different games that appeal to different crowds. To be to the point, Eve Online has been notorious for being difficult and/or hardcore. That along is going to both draw in people as well as turn people away.

I think that most gamers today are looking for a casual experience and Blizzard has done a good job making changes to their game to capture that.

The. You also have to consider the glaring difference in community. I think Eve Online has a pretty good community, but we’re also toxic as ■■■■ at times. The mechanics in game allow for us to do some pretty shitty things to each other, which makes it an interesting social experiment.

There are things I love about both games. Lots of great memories. I will say that out of any MMO I’ve played, Eve Online has captured me the longest. I think it’s because of the freedom we’re given. The sandbox. Spaceships are cool too, so yeah.


So this is a carebear thread about ganking being the problem?


low key i think so.


The people designing and developing it. They could have been making bank over the past two years while people were stuck at home with nothing to do. Instead, they chose to take and keep the game to the literal worst state it’s ever been in.

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so they should have held off on scarcity?

The absurd length of skill queues. Yes, I know older players will get incredibly grumpy if they feel noobs are likely to be given an easier time than they had…but I have little doubt that people are dropping out after a month or two because lack of skills leaves them un-competitive.

Some of that is because noobs simply don’t know what skills to apply. Another part of it is people devoting skills to things like mining, which then gives them less time for PvE and PvP skills. Or vice versa, where a person has devoted all their skills to PvP but then doesn’t have the skills to earn some ISK.

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As others said WoW and EVE target very very different people. Both have their niches.

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A lot of that, and i see it from PVE and PVP, and I try to discourage it in rookie help, is pushing players to train the Magic 14. sure, yes they are important skills, but, so is the ship skills themselves as well as the ammo skills.

a newb in a frigate doesn’t need to be pushing the magic 14 to 5 or 4 even… let them work on training the shields/armor/ship hull skills up, whilst training some of the M14.

i see so many skill plans training one skill at a time to 3 or 4 or 5 … no stop it… I think to help with the skills training some, is to get rid of the attribute system that is linked to the skills…


I agree about Magic 14. I gave up on it and instead created skill plans for specific ships…aimed at max DPS. The irony is that the level 4 and 5 of Magic 14 end up creating 7 to 20 day blocks right in the middle of all that. So I drag important skills to the top. So, within a few weeks I got an Algos from the 70 DPS or so that a noob gets…all the way up to over 300 DPS.


The playerbase, and the illogical or too complicated things in the basic gameplay.
Older players are very conservative, with no or few room for fresh blood to blossom. They just sneeze at them.
Add to that the overly complex dynamics of some areas of the game…
That leads to fewer players, barren systems, and less interactions and opportunities to have some risky fun.