Was the new exploration changes that big of a deal?

Hey guys, been away for the last few weeks. Just started a new job so my time in Eve has been really cut short. How did the new agency window turn out? Did it change the way you play at all?

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Oh, so you got that Furry Convention Organizer job you wanted? Gratz! You chase your dreams! :smiley:


Yep! The desk job I’ve always wanted!!! Though if I can be honest it’s not as glorious or interesting as I thought it would be. It’s actually very boring. I can see out a window from my cubicle. I almost miss my old construction job. Just kidding I love being a furry and making conventions

Turns out it’s not actually that big of an issue, everyone is learning to like it, and the eve community was getting triggered and falling to the same old pattern of outrage porn all over again.

One person who is only kinda-sorta eve famous complains about it, and everyone else hops on that bandwagon like no tomorrow. But like I’ve been saying this whole time, it’s fine, it’s a good change, and everyone was just being mad for the sake of being mad.

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I wasn’t sure how to feel about it at all when I first heard about it. Finally sat down and am paging through it now. It’s so nice to have something like all the epic arcs clearly laid out and you can see what you can do and check off in the game.

A little disappointed in Minmatar FW right now, T1 rewards so I don’t get much at all for LP anymore. But that’s another whole thing. I can run the Angels Epic Arc I guess. Maybe I should try that

Most people freaked out because they thought it would remove the “exploration” part of explo, but they’ve all shut up now that they realized it actually helps them because they don’t waste time trying to find sites. Now they can focus on the money making part and complete their daily activities must faster and more efficiently.

This New Agency is a good work and it’s easy to search agents or near by asteroids fields

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Unless CCP hides agents from you, which they do on a significant scale.

Not mine because it is still too cumbersome compared to just flying around because it blocks the entire screen when it is open. But I noticed even more cherry pickers in my area than before, and even more bot-like Asteros. These bot-like Asteros are probably a good thing.


Why would ccp do that?

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Exploration is now called Orienteering

  1. Look at Agency
  2. Go straight to systems with good sig count
  3. Profit

You forgot to place the question mark after profit.



Ackchyually this signature thingie just isnt working, therefore there isnt an issue. It does show correct number of signatures everywhere at the monent you log in. It doesnt refresh results though. So in 5-10 minutes it only shows correct number of sigs in current system, everything else is unreliable info.


Question: when does it refresh?

How would I know? I just know they do it. Several agents that I need for certain activities have been missing in the old agency search results, they are missing in the new agency results and they were there in the old agent finder.


since the system is not updating in real time, it´s not that big of an issue as I feard…but -10 points from me go to the new escalation window where I now have to click 3x more than before and still can´t set an easy + effective course cause the agencymap is gone.


It’s really interesting to watch CCP’s progress.

It’s even more interesting to see how people fall in line. Everyone’s so fixated on the goal that no one cares anymore about the journey, so people believe it’s a-okay to remove more and more of the “journey” part.

By the looks of it and based on the flawed logic of too many players, CCP will eventually hand out ISK to people due to the fact that them having to work for it is a waste of time. Hell, why do people have to jump one system over to run the mission the agent gave them? It’s a waste of time. Why do people need to do so many clicks for PI and why do they have to spend time gathering their stuff? It’s a waste of time.

No one plays for playing’s sake anymore, everyone’s just in it for the result. It’s like setting up a chess board at the decisive point of a match, instead of the beginning of a match. The best part is that the same people who use this flawed logic will be the same who will declare that the above isn’t going to happen, yet it is exactly what has been happening in the last years.

It’s both fascinating and scary to watch this social degeneration.


Oh no, the Agency does not 100% spoon feed all the agents and actually leaves something to be discovered. Literally unplayable!

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