Was Twitch Eve Vegas a waste of time for you?

Well Twitch Eve Vegas was a waste of time for me watching it online, I saw all these people on stage and what looked like good graphics in the background but what had they been talking about? Anybody’s guess, I looked at youtube videos and again this was a waste of time.

Why you may ask was it a waste of time, well the hard of hearing cannot hear people.

You think by now gaming companies that do player meets etc would cater for all, including the hard of hearing after the show. However no subtitles or sign language on the video, okay sign language can be expensive but subtitles placed on a youtube video by a computer gaming company is it that expensive to do or am I wrong about that?

But on you tube there is option for captions in videos. It works.
For twitch I dont care.


No, it wasnt

I didn’t watch it live, but the recording. It was informative, but the content didn’t interest me and the justification for the wardec changes was BS.

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