Watching you tube vids dread fighting small ship gangs

I will be looking to join a corp after Christmas but if all you do is small ship gangs count me out. My second account is L 5 skilled in dreads but I have never flew one yet. Is this all they do in null small T 1 gangs. Back after 5 years want to fly the stuff that took forever to skill up. this is just my thoughts fly how you want but will not join any corp that only does small ship gangs.

This will require a lot of training with non-solo non-dreads. Dreadnought solo pvp is unbelievably difficult and demanding. Lasker and GamingTyler513 and KhanPaso, they’re insane. So good at this game.

was not planning to do solo, now if I was isk rich I might give it a try

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