We need 2x weekends

If anyone wants to know the real reason I sign my posts. It’s this “5 characters” malarkey everyone else has to write that I don’t.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

I would like to see tax free weekends

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Let’s make it 5x… pair numbers are boring.

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So, you got some sarcastic responses, but let me give you a serious one.

Double isk, ore, and loot would cause inflation and reduce the value of ore and loot, which would just incentivize players to PvE on weekends, and not during the week. And those that can’t play on weekends would be pissed -and rightfully so. They wouldn’t just miss out on the best time to PvE, but have the value of their labors significantly diminished.

So, yeah, this idea ranks up there with suggesting that the government prints a 1 trillion dollar bill in order to pay off the national debt.

I’m no economist, but I’m pretty sure that that’s not going to work out too well for us.
No P2W


That’s because uedama doesn’t have groups like snuff that will drop supers on any decent sized fight. 2x xp won’t change that.

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2x isn’t the answer. Making low more valuable is.

All this does is entice null blobs to lay claim to large sections of low and kill the content even further.

Physically move null further away so you can’t cyno from null to low, then bar capitals from jumping into low gates.

Now you only have capitals built in low to contend with and it comes with the added bonus that null blocks can’t use ls as a short cut limiting their force projection.


But if they took that 1 trillion dollar bill and gave it to me, it would work out really nice for me.

Ill send you a million dollars too, so it will work out great for you too.


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I think you meant laying claim to low?

I’m talking about low security specifically. Although honestly, you can live alone in some low systems now with nary a soul to be found.

yeah i meant low.

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What is this some mobile game? Some small game that needs this kind of event to keep the game relevant? :laughing:

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Seems to be a sensitive topic. But I can compile a huge list of games that have this. How would it benefit eve? What are the downsides. Do they outweigh the benefit? I know bombersbar would enjoy it. As well as Safety even tho I detest them. Eeryone would benefit except the farmers and players who put 40 hours a week in.

Everyone playing in the weekend would benefit.
Everyone playing outside the weekend would pay for that benefit.

Double xp/money/whatever weekends work in games where the only person you’re competing with is yourself.
When you’re competing against other players in the same game that play at other times during the week, it’s a bad idea to make certain times worth more than other times as that essential tells people who play throughout the week that their time is worth less than the time of people who are able to play during the weekend.

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It would def outweigh the benefit. The fact that you don’t understand this clearly tells me your inexperience in life in general :smiley:

See Gerard’s response to you. It is clear, concise and correct. GG sir.

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Funny how people constantly tie this game to real life successes. Its a game. If your playing it right your failing. And no its not a competition. Again your playing it wrong.

How am I playing it wrong? I don’t need 2x weekends like you do apparently :smiley:

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Please name 4 games from that huge list.
These games should have only 3 of these specialities of EVE :

single shard universe all over globe
totally player driven economy
open world PvP

May i ask… which days ? These weekends ?

Which countries you are assuming that CCP discriminate because of they are from countries from different religions ?

This is a single shard global game . Do you aware about that even ?

It is unbelieavable people sitting and seriously give likes to that idea …
Or take serious and discuss here