We need 2x weekends

Thats right. I want 2x bonus isk ratting weekends. 2x drop chance on pvp. 2x ore for that one guy who still mines.


Did your other troll characters get temp banned?

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No. Its just a simple push for more content on weekends. As a pvper weekends seem to have less players in lowsec. Currently uedema has more kills per 24 hours then both faction warzones combined in that same 24 hours. Thats clunting all 6 regions of fw lowsec.

So no its not a troll. Its where we are today…

We already get a participation award on every daily login. Everybody wins once a day.

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The only thing i want a 2x event for is Salt

And the forums have been providing well recently

The Salt must flow


Getting double isk or ore is not “More Content”

world of tanks gives 5x bonus for 2 hours

Only if tank for PvE’ers get halved to make up for it.

But we have 52x weekends per year already no?

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Why stop there.

We need a 10000000x weekend. Kill a rat in hisec, you get 10 billion isk.

I mean, if were talking about stupid ideas, then yeah. Lets do it.


Any bounty earned during the weekend by any capsuleer anywhere goes straight to my ISK account. :wink:

Why should ore mined throughout the week and bounties earned throughout the week be worth less than in the weekends?

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And the entirety of Your ISK including all your alts goes straight into my ISK account.

Why should my scribble on a piece of paper be worth less than Vincent Van Gos Sunflower?


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If that’s “winning” I would hate to see what losing looks like, lol

Because you scribbled that piece of paper on a Wednesday instead of in the weekends.

I like Go more than Vincent.

I brought it to a bank to try and pay my bills. I told them my scribble was worth 10 million dollars, which is only half of what the Sunflower got at auction. It was a bargain price. But they still refused.

Life is unfair.