We ought not abandon the Yulai accords

You are right in the sense that while treaties are signed on behalf of nations, they are broken or kept to by individuals. To have trust that a treaty will be kept, one would to at least eliminate or punish those people who would likely break them (again).

So simple, and easy. Yet why do you not call for Goonswarm Space to burn, like Jita?

Why would I? Why don’t you?

Don’t bother. The Amarr need to develop a basic idea of morality before they understand that breeding facilities should never have been a ‘thing’. They bare their fangs all high and mighty, but talk is cheap in the vast astral sea.

They should have never been a thing. Many of my countrymen find them repugnant and morally bankrupt. To me, they are indicators of the rot of greed that has spread within the institution of slavery ever since the Minmatar were conquered. I am ashamed at their existence and am resolved to doing everything in my power to correct the practice.

You’re so eager to point out that somehow enslaving my people was the beginning of the ruination of slavery, as though slavery is a pure concept that was corrupted when we came into the picture. The truth is, your Empire has always been dirty. Forcefully breeding our women is just another in a laundry list of crimes against humanity.

What are you doing, though? This statement is good for PR, but damned if it isn’t vague. Not every problem has a simple solution, like ‘need labour? get slaves’. Your people’s facilities are taking human beings and draining them of a future. You can’t fix r*pe. You can’t undo it. Even if you truly want to do good, the evil has already been done. There can be no curing the rot- but you can cauterize it instead.

The Empire has had many moments of failure in its history, that much is true; many more, in fact, than most Amarr are willing to admit. This will need to be the first thing to change. “For it is only in the garden of a just and truthful society, watered by well measured faith, that we may cultivate the spirit of the people.” Meanwhile, successes with the Udorian and Ni-Kunni peoples need to be revisited to see where we have gone wrong with yours.

And vague is all you will get for now. I do believe the point of this thread is to point out that the treaties that make up the Yulai Accords leave the answers to those questions up to Amarrians. You are entitled to your opinions, but nothing more.

As for no simple solutions, I am all too aware, which is why things must be ready before they might begin. Progress has already been made, however. Corruption is already being continually excised from the body of Amarr, and we are on a better path than before. I pray soon this important work will be expanded to other portions of our society.

Remember Caldari Prime.

Which is what, exactly? You’ve said many times that you’ll be obedient above all else. When someone in power tells you ‘shut up about morality and keep getting me more slaves’, you don’t offer any objections about ‘greed’. You rush off to secure more slaves. You don’t even make a peep about ‘hey, by the by, can we try to not put these new slaves into that same rotten and corrupt framework?’ You know as well as I do that a percentage of the newly-enslaved women and girls get siphoned into those things.

The ‘institution of slavery’ is the rot. It is purely a construction of greed. You Amarr like to trot out the same half-dozen snippets of scripture to justify it based on ‘everyone has to serve someone above them in the hierarchy up to god’, but obedience and service do not require ownership. The very concept of slavery is one dependent on greed, Aldrith. The same concept of ‘they need to learn to serve’ could be enacted through a legal framework that makes them prisoners, or wards, or any other framing that does not reduce them to property.

The only reason to make one person into another’s explicit property is greed.


We need more slave breeding facilities, not fewer.

Vitoc, TCMCs, and advancements in glaive collar technology have greatly increased our potential for slave control. Yet our slave population languishes at around 50% of our total population. That ought to be much higher — 90%, 95%, maybe even 99%. Every Amarrian must sit atop of giant (figurative) pyramid of slave flesh.

Were the Throne not Vacant, we would be Reclaiming by force (the only real Reclaiming) and putting all the cluster in chains. But the Reclaiming has stopped, and until it is restarted, quite different means are necessary to increase our slave population.,

Why not just adopt the tube child program?