We play eve on tuesday

(jelo Magnetti) #1

We play on Tuesdays.

Can you play on Tuesday? Then we might be for you.

Why Tuesday?
Eve is a time sink and some capsuleers are short on time, but we make time for Eve on Tuesdays.

We will be online Tuesdays at 21:30. We play other times too, but the only guaranteed online time is Tuesday.

What do we do?

On Tuesday, we do small gang NPSI fleets. We start in Thera/Trade Hub and try to find content whether it be in Low, Null, or Wormhole space.

Recruitment Status: Always but our fleetmates are our corpmates
Newbro friendly
Drinking encouraged
Dont expect to live

Search for Tuesdays, our pub is in description.

(jelo Magnetti) #2

Doing recon things this tuesday. Come join!

(system) #3

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