Weak Frigates in C4 Wormhole

I know the way to solo a site in a C4 wormhole is either a marauder or a blinged out battleship. It is also possible to have 3 Artillery Hurricanes being carried by a Paladin and that group would go faster than the lone Paladin. In fact a lot of my friends in K-space usually run sites by figure out the minimum ship needed to solo a site, then just have a bunch of combat BCs join him on the fun. Is it possible to use the weaker frigates in a group while the Maruader carries the group? The assault frigates have ADC which give them lots of EHP, but the interceptors don’t really have any way to tank besides sig tanking. I just thought a paladin, some canes, and some frigates would kind of be cool. Perhaps it wouldn’t be efficient as a bunch of battleships, but I’m one of the wierdos who set my graphics to max and watch the battles in orbit camera.

That must be a very very blinged out (faction)battleship then.

It’s entirely possible to run these sites in AssaultFrigs+Friglogis or T3Ds+Friglogis. Or Spider-Draugurs/Nergals. You just need a group big enough to actually deal some damage, else it takes ages.

That lasts for 10 seconds. In PvE you can use it for an absolutely emergency situation (for example taking 2 wrecking hits in a row, which can happen), but you cannot rely on it to help you much in the longer run. A normal DC often gives you a better overall tank, decreasing the risk of even coming into such an emergency situation. You can also tactically use an ADC to quickly approach a high DPS target to get under it’s tracking, saving you time because without it you would have to do a zig-zag approach.

tldr: its entirely doable, it’s just not very efficient in normal holes. But in Holes with a bonus to small guns, AFs and T3Ds are often used with some logistics, it works pretty fine there.

Yeah that’s what I thought, but it’s an option the interceptors and navy frigates don’t have. I know some AFs can tag along with the big ships, but I don’t know if the weaker ones can do so without getting wacked off. These guys are kind of sitting ducks if you try to orbit at your desired distance while far away and don’t have enough EHP to survive that. A spiral allows them to mitigate a lot of damage, but I don’t know if it is enough. At least the larger ships should draw a good portion of the aggro.

Is there a specific reason you want to do it in non-Assault-Frigates? Anything below an AF probably doesn’t make enough damage anyway if you fit tank on it that allows the logifrigs to rep anything. Of course it also works in heavy tanked normal frigs or even ceptors with only tank… but why?

Cause I want to watch something cool in space with pretty animations.

I mean in terms of ISK/Hour, yeah this is pretty stupid

Oce you get to high-class holes, you’re pretty much at Dreads with blingy response fleets and refits.

Hey I said C4 not C5

I usually consider c1-3 low class and c4-6 plus c-13s high class, but I’m really not a wormholer so I really don’t have a leg to stand on, as they say.

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