Weapon re-design

Now that  CCP is working on replacing some old modules for ships, they need to work weapons. 

Drones, and guns are very behind when it comes to detail, and dont look high tech, and dont really look like they work.

They did a great job with the triglavian weapons, but more drones and weapons need work in eve online.


First of all, that formatting is terrible. Post like a normal person.

Second… I’m not 100% sure what you’re saying you want… do you want a graphical update? Cause they’re already hard at work on that. I’m sure they’ll get to turrets and drones when they get to it. Not that I really feel there’s anything wrong with how they look… a howitzer for example isn’t exactly high tech. It’s just a metal tube that your ship can use to nut all over someone’s hull.

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