Webbing ship questions

I’m working on a webbing alt and have some questions:

Is this a reasonable Ship Progression? :

  • Cruor - Frigate - 20% Range bonus
  • Ashimu - Cruiser - 20% web range bonus
  • Rapier - Recon cruiser - 60% range bonus + covert ops cloak

Anything better long term such as a Loki?

If a bump occurs before the target ship enters warp can the webber catch up and try again?

Target ship?:
Besides a freighter, is a webber useful for DST’s and Orca’s?

I leave out the Ashimmu step and go straight for Hyena and Rapier only if you are really desperate. The Hyena can web on most gates with 26 km web range (EAS IV) and only Border gates (Niarja-Kaaputenen is a border gate) require you to warp to a ping and warp back to the freighter before decloaking it. The Rapier is not really necessary, and the intermediate step Ashimmu is not necessary either. That should save you some money.

I have been told that some people managed to web their freighter into warp during a bumping session, but I would not count on that to be successful because competent bumpers will bump you out of alignment all the time. What you can try is to go a couple hundred kilometers in front of the bumped freighter so that it can maybe warp to you in between bumps. But even that depends on the competence of the bumper.

A webber is useful on an Orca because it’s essentially the same as a freighter, but you can also use the MWD on an Orca to speed up alignment. It is not useful on a DST. A more effective way to avoid bumps and ganks with an DST is the Cloak-MWD technique coupled with a proper tank fitting for your DST.

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I personally use the rapier for range and warp speed, align time and covert cloak combination. also because it reduces time for cynos…

imagine, you got a rapier behind enemy lines, you want to go ratting in your enemies ratting system when they are sleeping… so you lite a cyno and jump your carrier and once he lands in system, he warps to a safe, and the rapier webs him off grid in 3 seconds… its so handy. many applications.

I call it a utility fit… for my rapier that I use to web assets and escort them… so they have no guns. Fit with cyno, probes, they are travel fit… and are meant to act as a logistical support role. I love the rapier! its perfect for getting freighters off the gate in low sec too, cause you can hide on gate in the ls watching for the right time to bring your assets thru.

I use the rapier for webbing noctis, freighter, carrier, dreads, dst’s… everything I dont want sitting vulnerable for more than 3 seconds in a dangerous system or off a gate.

NOTE: using a rapier off a station, does not work… if you practice this you will note that your inertia messes up the effect from the kick out on the station. it works when you are cloaked, and still, perfect for gate to gate warping to decrease your travel time, or because you have valuables.

I still fly cheap, and never fly valuables. I simply escort larger ships to decrease the time it takes to travel. I still use a value system for limiting the value of my asset that I am traversing.

ie not a reason to pack a freighter full of ten bil of ■■■■ and think because you are webbing it you wont get ganked… i wouldnt rely on that idea… and thats just me. still make multiple runs or use multiple freighters splitting up the asset value. you dont want to feed them “pirates” kills and loot to take like candy from a child.

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I thought that was for Blockade Runners? You can get most DST down to a one-cycle align time with a 10mn afterburner, which is 10 seconds. And if you fit a mwd, wouldn’t they be too slow anyways?

blockade runners can warp cloaked so they don’t need to use the MWD+Cloak trick.

A DST can use an AB for a quick warp, but they are on grid and lockable for that time, using MWD+cloak means gankers can’t get a cargo scan off, or hit you with warp disruption.

Ah okay. I need to go forth and practice that. Thanks!

I noticed, with tests on sisi, that decceleration is proportional to speed/maxspeed.
wouldn’t a webber still be usefull to make the freighter get back to 0 speed faster ?

Ashimmu is a good choice, with plate and resists you won’t get your webbing alt ganked by a couple of tornadoes at a gate.

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Not necessarily because as soon as you turn off the webs, the freighter’s speed jumps up to the corresponding speed without webs. What you can do, however, is to “reverse engines”: Align to a bookmark/sentry gun/celestial/just double click behind the undock to deaccelerate the freigther faster. Once you hit low single digit speed, start the warp to your destination and apply all 3 webs once the freighter hits 20-30 m/s. This saves you lots of seconds that the freighter would otherwise spend in the aligning process. This is, however, only useful on non-hub stations.
In Jita, for instance, it is not advisable to stick around on the undock with a loaded freighter at all because people will cargo scan you, and in case you have sufficient value in the cargohold, stalk you and (try to) gank you on the way to your destination. In Jita in particular it is advisable to warp to a docking bookmark on the station right in front of the undock (IV - Caldari Business Tribunal. Not IV-4 Caldari Business Tribunal). Make sure your freighter drifts slightly towards the right when looking at it from behind to instantly warp to that station. If it does not drift towards the right, dock, undock and try again. Otherwise, you spend lots of time trying to align, which gives scanners ample time to check your cargohold.

just go and try it… I have a trick for stations kick out but i wouldnt dare call it a trick…

more like I just stop the ship asap upon loading grid after undocking and waiting till my ship speed is below 50% then I warp to my target… even at this point the webbs just slow ya down. they dont insta webb off the station. now. if you wait till you come to a stop… sure maybe then idk… i never really did that. I use an undock, and upon landing there, I can webb off that spot once the asset has come to a full stop. I prefer to not use a webb on the undock and the undock safe… but rather only the gates…

and to address the getting ganked on a gate in my webber? i never been ganked trying to webb anything off with a rapier because after 3 seconds… i cloak back up. in fact, youd have to be ready, know i was at THAT gate, BE on that gate with your fleet, AND have to bump the ■■■■ in time… you only get around 3-4 seconds where YOU as an attacker have that window to lock my rapier or bump the asset…

Usually I decloak, jump, warp, webb, cloak, all within a few seconds… i mean 3 or 4 seconds… so you best have your stuffs together. practice it.

I prefer to use a JF though for LS … :slight_smile: or a DST or avoid all together. You can choose other routes or times where that system is empty… 0 local is your best chance of getting away clean. Be smart about WHEN you move your stuff first, and HOW you move your stuff second.


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