Website to quickly see what to mine depending on where you are

URLs should now be bookmarkable (besides sort, for now).

For example:

Works for surveys too:

Please let me know if it works.

it works, I already had noticed before :slight_smile:

ctrl F5 to force reload the cache.

The caching should work better now too, and fetch the newest versions right as they are available. Though it might take 24 hours for browser caches to clear first.

I assume “Anomoly” is supposed to be “Anomaly”.

Edit: Nevermind it is just the font that makes it look like an “o”. It is the same elsewhere on the site too like at the bottom text content. A bit strange looking imo.

Great work mate !

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Hey! So I found this awesome website and I would like to use the survey copy paste feature. But, no matter what I paste, it keeps showing that not allowed cursor and I can’t analyze. I am copying from ingame using the already existing copy button. I also tried to copy by selecting all with Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+C like how you explained in the thread, but that didn’t even copy anything.

Hi @Thorinairr, could you please copy the results from game and paste it to and share the link here.
(Paste, then click create public or secret gist at the bottom and share the link)
This way I should be able to test it with exactly what you are getting from the game.

EVE is localised to your computers locale, so it’s entirely possible I’ve missed some number formatting and that is why it fails.

New feature!

You can now share moon extraction timers based on EVE standings. For example you can share the timers of one of your structure to anyone your corporation has set a +5 standing towards.

To see structures shared by others, you can log in as a regular users (without needing any auth scopes) and see what moon mining operations have been shared to you. Structure managers can see both their own structures (with some additional info, like when fuel is running out) and any structures shared to them by others.

Structure, extraction and standing data is updated every 30 minutes on the backend.

The feature is at

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This is a great site, unfortunately. I think some of the values are a bit off.

@Gadawan seems the datas are not collected anymore. Not working

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@Johnny_Boggart thanks for the report. There was an issue with the webserver not being restarted when the SSL certificate was updated. Should work now.


New feature!

You can now set expected output on the drill timer page.

This is how it works:

  • Log in as a structure manager
  • Click the cog icon on the top right corner of an ongoing extraction
  • Visit the station in game and open the schedule
  • Click any of the ores in the schedule and select all (CTRL + A)
  • Copy with CTRL + C
  • Go back to the site and paste the result into the form (should look something like this)
  • Click calculate

This needs to be done once per structure. It will calculate the expected output for the current extraction as well as all past and future extractions.

Please let me know if there are some issues. For example if the calculate button does not become active when you paste in your data. It’s possible you have a locale I have not taken into account with the parser. I can fix it if you share what you pasted through pastebin or similar site that stores plain text without messing with it.

This has really helped me figure out what to mine. I’m still new to it all, and arriving in a field with so many different rocks can be overwhelming. Thanks!

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Thank you this is pretty handy for us carebears!

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Just loaded up “Rate My Rocks” website, and there appears to be no raw or refined values visible.

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Due to some DNS changes, (old url for EVE API) stopped redirecting to (new url for EVE API) yesterday. I noticed it this morning and fixed it. Should work now.

Also for some reason 404 was not handled as an error (unlike other error responses from ESI) so I’ll investigate why it accepted the empty replies and overwrote the market data with nothing.

Nice tool, thanks for creating it!

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Nice work on the website mate. Another handy tool.

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it would seem that something has been broken. It’s unable to fetch from the market data.

@Greg_Todako HTTPS certificate was renewed and the webserver (nginx) needs a little kick to start serving the new certificate. It’s fixed now, but I should really get that automated.

Edit: Should be automated now.