🔥 Websites, Server Installation (Seat, AA, Pathfinder)

Software engineer by day, multi-box PvPer by night.

I host, install and develop services for many groups in EVE Online and am always looking for more to join the family. I’ve done work for large groups in the past, including former top 15 alliances like Triumvirate and Solyaris Chtonium and have done over 50+ private installations.

My specialties include,

  • Authentication Solutions (SeAT, Krypted)
  • Pathfinder (crazy fast compared to the public Pathfinder)
  • Websites (blogs, recruitment pages, etc)

All payments are one-time, and I will assist you with finding a hosting solution.


Example Minimum Design Fee
Wordpress 5.0B+
Static Website 2.5B+

Installation fees can vary widely depending on what else your group needs.

Installation Services

If you want to host on your hardware, I offer setup for anything under the sun.

Service Installation Fee
Pathfinder 2.5B
SeAT 2.5B
AllianceAuth 5B
ThunderED 5B
Anything else 5B+

Double the price for installing on existing hardware with other services already installed (since I’ll have to learn how you installed everything prior).

Keep in mind, this is one-time. You will want to have technical staff in your group to manage updates, future fixes, etc. I offer a 3-month warranty period.


My flat consulting fee is 500m if you need to discuss server options, which software is right for you, and how to avoid shelling out too much money for a simple hobby.


Capital Fusion


Krypted Gaming


Minmatar Zone



Mail BearThatCares in-game, or message me on Discord (BearThatCares#1337).


Bear is great to work with. He hosts our SEAT and Pathfinder with no issues, we started off doing the Pathfinder with him and it was quick and easy to setup. Eventually we migrated our SEAT from my hosting to his so I could free up my time for other things.

Highly recommended! It’s a steal for the services he offers.


Working with bear has been an absolute pleasure these past couple months. He runs our corp’s pathfinder, which is lightyears faster than the public one. He is incredibly knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Price is very reasonable!

Would highly recommend his services!

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Bear is an absolute pearl to work with. We ran with the Krypted Authentication package for quite some time as well as got assistance with our pretty website. Would 100% recommend Bear to anyone who doesn’t want to bother doing hosting of it stuff themselves.

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FANTASTIC service.

I’ve known Bear from running in to his corp in wormholes before. He’s not only a friendly person, but is pretty down to earth… and he’s got a great work ethic.

Not only did he get my site running, but also spent a good time with us trying to bugfix some stuff… that turned out to be user error on our part lol.

And he didn’t grumble, or lose patience… he was pretty cool throughout and shared in the laugh.

Highly recommend!

Bear, you should charge more.

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Do you do Alliance Auth installs at all? Already have VPS for it on Centos7

Yes, I’ve done installs for Allianceauth. We don’t host it, though, so definitely need your own hardware :slight_smile:

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+1 Great Service, Im happy with setup of the services I ordered. Definitely should charge more though. :slight_smile:

Purely amazing service did his homework on hosts and exactly which options are needed saved me on my RL cost so I left a nice tip =) Thank you good sir!

Highly recommend this service to anyone, fastest turn around I’ve seen!

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Hands down awesome service! Helped fix a few things I broke as well! Would def recommend him!


After 4 days of attempts by myself, finally caved and paid for setup on personal hardware.
Exchanged info/isk, and 2 hours later had a fully functioning pathfinder!

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absolute legend. couple of hours after i paid him, and its all up and running. top guy!

I am intrested in a static website , we will try and contact you later

I just wanted to say that @BearThatCares did a great job setting up and hosting my PF server. I highly recommend going this route rather than wasting time doing it yourself.

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We found ourselves suddenly without Pathfinder. I found @BearThatCares via some Google searching. His public information sounded very professional, much like the IT contractors that I’ve hired for various corporate projects.

And he was very professional. The Pathfinder instance was set up on a virtual host with very little fuss, and over the holiday as well.

-Excellent- service.

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Great and Quick service, cost effective and stable …highly recommended

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@BearThatCares installed Pathfinder on my server. He was able to install it quickly over the holidays and it runs great. He has always answered any questions I have had before after the installation. @BearThatCares is very professional and went above and beyond what I expected. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for a Pathfinder installation.

Big shout out to BearThatCares, for the exemplary service in setting up our corps Pathfinder and SEAT services.

Highly recommend, and well worth the investment. Clear communication, patient and clear instructions when there were few minor hiccups on our end, and quick resolution of our request! Can’t ask for more!


We hired BearThatCares to setup and host our Krypted Authentication, he was fast and reliable, got us everything we asked for.

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Hi everyone. I wanted to put in a good word on these tools. I’ve been using both the krypted platform and a private pathfinder. Hosted versions are excellent. I haven’t had any negative events to either instance.

Who can say that a privately hosted pathfinder isn’t 200% better than the public one just right off the bat? That’s a +2 just on its own. Speed and db has been as you would expect with a premium service. BearThatCares has been on point anytime I needed anything so my support experience has been what I would expect for good service.

I can’t express the value of a dependable service other than…services renewed.