Weebfleet is recruiting [C2]

Ohaiyō capsuleers, Weebfleet from the Tsundere Triad alliance is recruiting!. Are you an anime fan? Do you feel disjointed and unwelcome by some people? Well we’re the perfect corp for you. That’s not to say we only take anime fans, you just have to not care about anime memes (animemes). We are a Wormhole alliance living in a C2 wormhole with a C3 and highsec static.

Services and benefits
*website for op board, fittings, and other services (currently being worked on)
*Logistics service to move freight between jita and our home
*ore and pve buyback programs available
*Senpai will notice you.

*Mumble and Discord for comms
*Full ESI
*Either a love or tolerance for anime.

How to Join
*a) Join the Weebfleet in game channel and talk to one of the recruiters there.
*b) Join our public discord https://discord.gg/uhnR2PK and ask in general chat. Someone will talk to you.

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