Weebfleet is recruiting [C5]

Ohaiyō capsuleers! Weebfleet is recruiting!

Are you an anime fan?

Do you not have enough people on eve to share your animemes with?

Do you desire a close nit community you can PVP with in some spoopy wormholes and talk about the latest manga to hit the shelves?

Weebfleet is the place for you!

We are an inclusive wormholing corp and founder of the Tsundere Triad alliance, currently we live in a C5/C5.

Services and benefits

*pve buyback programs available

*Senpai will notice you.


*Discord for comms

*A love for the finer parts of Japanese art, drama, and literature.

How to Join

Join the channel “Weebfleet” in game and talk to one of the recruiters there, or join our public discord https://discord.gg/uhnR2PK and ask in general chat and Someone will talk to you.


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