Weebfleet Seeks Pilots of Taste

(Teucer Falachose) #1

The designated containment corporation for all things anime, Weebfleet[SENP] is proud to accept pilots new and old. Reveal your power level and discover the finest anime memes on the internet, and the most fun you’ll have in New Eden.

We are predominantly a Lowsec corporation operating out of Aridia, a few jumps from content in any direction.

We Offer

  • experienced FCs and an FC training program
  • robust doctrines, and ship replacement
  • Safe spaces to run L4/L5 missions at an undisclosed location
  • industry space in a corp Raitaru, and
  • minimal price jump freighter runs to Jita, so you’ll never be out in the cold.

We take pilots of any skill level and any interests, so long as anime is included (and even if it’s not and you just like the memes).

Want to know more? Join us on discord at https://discord.gg/g5UYjak!

(Svara Eir) #2

They turned me 2D and will not free me back into my body until I pick a “wafu”; do not join

(Caleb Ayrania) #3

Some would claim there is an oxymoron in that there title!

(Clerical Terrors) #4

These people told me the cartoon girl of my dreams was not real. I was devastated.

(Caleb Ayrania) #5

Everything is Real if you think on it hard enough. Do NOT let the bullies take away your waifu dreams!

(Garret Tsero) #6

Why would you wanna be icky 3d anyways? We did you a favor fam.

(Garret Tsero) #7


(ISD Chanisa Nemes) #10

Please remember that we still have rules on bumping in the Recruitment Center. I am closing this topic for 24 hours to compensate

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(Garret Tsero) #13

ISD Chanisa Nemes3d
Please remember that we still have rules on bumping in the Recruitment Center. I am closing this topic for 24 hours to compensate

even though what I did wasn’t bumping. Looks like someone needs to go back to elementary school for the internet. I was replying to two different people on the mobile site which doesn’t allow replying to multiple people. Hell, this doesn’t even do it.

This topic was automatically opened after 30 hours.

wow, way to also lie through your teeth too. Way to actively try to ■■■■ over a corp going off, what I’m going to assume is pre-concieved notions of anti-anime. YOU’RE OPPRESSING US.

Let’s go back over the basics.

Bumping: non-organic content designed to get a thread to the top of the forum page.

Replying to multiple people: organic conversation which moves a thread that was already at the top of the list, to the…top…of…the…list…

huh, looks like after the first reply, it literally can’t bump the topic anymore because IT’S ALREADY AT THE TOP OF THE LIST. I’m severely heated and I have been trying to figure how to properly contact CCP Phantom because what you did was malarkey and you know it.

(Teucer Falachose) #14

This is why we need each any every capsuleer we can get! The anime oppression will never stop until we make a stand, so join Weebfleet today!

(Teucer Falachose) #15

Bump to get senpai to notice me.

(Teucer Falachose) #16

If there’s going to be a war, the weebs will need you to defend our space waifus!

(Teucer Falachose) #17

Bumping to reach our newly ‘liberated’ C02 friends! All are welcome!

(Teucer Falachose) #18

Are there no C02 Weebs? None?