Weird price drops for certain items-exploit?

as someone who looks at items regularly for years now, i had to observe that certain items, over the last months, have become extraordinary cheap. There have always been those items with a high price-fluctuations, when they have everchanging demand or infrequent supply. For those items it is normal to gain, for example, 100% on price for a short period of time.

There are also other items that are very stable in price, mainly because they are not dropped as loot, but have a regular supply through industry or LP-stores. For example certain implants or Drone Damage amps. Those items are relatively pricestable even over years. If those items get sold for a fraction of their worth and in very huge quantites, over several months now (never witnessed anything like this in my 7 years with Eve), it makes me question if the origin of the supplies is “legit”, or maybe or maybe somebody found an exploit to get to these items (or the loyalty points)

I am talking, obviously, about the new wave of cheap “dread guristas” faction gear. Drone damage amps, heavy assault missile launchers, rapid light missiles launchers. There might be more but these are among the most demanded. Those missile launchers have been sold to the 100ds or 1000ds for about 1/3 what they cost usually. the drone damage amps are not that severe, but are still sold for a price that usually doesnt make sense.

These are all items, i believe, that can be earned through loyalty points. Or you need to pay loyalty points and a certain amount of isk. the price for these items is usually very stable, because it doesnt make sense to sell them under a certain price. Theres a very specific amount of work, dog tags and ISK that goes into buying those things.

Now i dont know if it was planned be CCP that suddenly these items can be earned 2-3 times as fast(or as cheap) when farming loyalty points for dread guristas, or some people just found some kind of hole.
It does have consequences for the market in Jita, not only for all the other factions items, loyalty point farmers, it also harms the generel economy model by disrupting certain rules and trading mechanics. (just one example, people that have been holding large amounts of faction gear from other factions, that have the same attributs and now suddenly are worthless, or can only be sold to people who dont know better.Those items have been like gold-backed money and now they are sh…)

Yeah i think everybody gets the point i hope i could make clear whats on my mind.

New Gurista FW would be my guess for the reason, together with people farming Gurista standing, and get access to missions … I don’t know for sure.

Thanks for the info, wasn’t paying attention. I don’t see a big problem, disruptions happen all the time in New Eden.

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Ah yes, the famous economic rule of, “Investments only make money; investments never lose money.”

I can see why it would be very upsetting to see that one violated. Must be an exploit.