Weird ship insurance idea

a ship insurance package that is connected to a PvE event, the insurance company tries to lure people into subscribing by revealing peak hours of the pve event they are hosting, this will entice pvp hungry people to subscribe. the insurance is specially designed for solo pvp’ers (the pve event would be spread out throughout new eden and would require you to essentially solo pvp roam), if you get help with heals or dps when you are killing your target(s) then you wont get insurance payout later when you lose your ship. the ship insurance payout gets sweeter and sweeter depending on whether or not its “peak hours of the day” or not. Peak hours is basically when the most amount of solo pvp’ers are out roaming.

No insurance company wants to lose money, so why would they want to encourage people to take up insure only when they are going to specifically do something dangerous.

Idea not thought out at all.


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What you’re looking for is dotlan. It shows a variety activity in systems.

This idea… if you can call it that… is… well you get the gist.

Also, I’ve yet to find a single module which heals ships. WOW is that way ---->

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not if the “ship insurance” is just a way for the insurance company to achieve its true objective, some kind of agenda toward whats inside the pve event

first of all if its not an ingame map, the practicality of it for the casual pvp’er is just, well you get the gist

There are many tools which I’d classify as “critically important” which are not ingame:

  1. Skill planner (evemon for example)
  2. A real fitting tool (pyfa, eft)
  3. DotLan

Casual player or not, these tools are damn near essential for a quality experience. And because they exist, I sincerely doubt CCP will bother reinventing the wheel. I have no problem with that. Why mess with a good thing?

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