Welcome everyone to watch the character design

Hi, this is a character image designed by nemo (me) and produced by Wukong. Everyone is welcome to guess who she is:a simple reminder: she grew up in a harsh environment and took on the responsibility of national rejuvenation when she was young. Wind and lightning are her friends, and spanning space is her specialty.


Come on, friends, welcome your comments, we will listen to your opinions and optimize.

((This is an in character forum, so maybe this would be better in Player Fiction, which is out of character?))

Sorry, I did not find the corresponding section, only role play is the closest. If there is a better section, please let me know, thanks.

It’s in Fiction Portal. You can change your category when you go in to edit your post.


Aha, thanks for your suggestion

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Is it the Minmatar Slasher Girl?

Took me a while to notice the wings, but yea, it does look like it. That said, are those lasers she’s carrying? I can’t tell from the muzzle flash, but no self-respecting Matari would ever arm herself with dirty Amarrian lasers.

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