Welcome Me To EvE Online

Hi Everyone ,
My name is XinYun Li. I am new to EvE Online , therefore I would like myself to be welcomed on EvE Online.

And just as much I have taken to the forums.

Congratulations XinYun Li on becoming a Capsuleer , successfully completing Career Agents and stepping forward to make ISK.
EvE Online is a game of many hardships , predators, apex predators alpha & beta capsuleers , gatecampers, smart bombers, titan flyers , gankers.

But all in all , in this vastness of empty space filed with prying eyes and Cargo Scanner, I will enjoy my time .
What I wll do is indeed fun for in EvE who chase after ISK are the ones who quit.

On these forums , I wll make acquirtances to the noted Alumini.
Destiny Corrupted, Mr Pen Epeen Pineapple Peen , Her Majesty Aiko Dunijia , Aisha Katana and many other people including ISDs, CCP Devs and Charming Rubal.

Thank you Everyone for in future , I wll have good time : D .

“New to EVE” calls his character Anchor on Primary.


So who’s troll alt is this?


wut ?

Okay they put my name first on the list, and I’m unsarcastically terrified right now. Like, no joke, “transferring all of my structures of holding corporations” genuinely terrified.

Nope, do not want. I ain’t about that.

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The welcome has been lukewarm so far. Its maybe because you actually congratulated yourself in the OP, which is a little bit strange.


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Many condolences on joining eve online. Your life as you know it is about to end.

As the chinese philospher Xin Shu once said, “winter pidgeon shine in moonlight, eve players shine in sh*tfight. Days go long as Tidi slow, but birds find love where Eve’s your bro”.

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You owe 1 billion isk.


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