"EVE Be A Cruel Mistress"

Hi. I am a new player who joined the game because of the Doctor Who event. I like Doctor Who and figured this was like a Fortnite thing to try.

I didn’t get to any of the events because the game itself has a lot of content to understand. I kept to that gameplan by asking questions about EVE in “Rookie Help” channel. While talking to a veteran player about player safety, I was warned, “EVE Be A Cruel Mistress”. I didn’t really understand the meaning behind that expression even though it’s supposed to be an important one right up there with “Only Fly What You Can Afford To Lose”.

After 2 narrow escapes from ganks in belts, by players from a group called SAFETY (the Men Without Hats songs come to mind), one player who scanned down my mission room and caused me to forfeit my mission by stealing my 10 militants from a wreck, and two market scams that cost me a total of $13 million ISK. I understand. This game is trying very hard to do me in. I am so frustrated.

Not enough to quit though, and I still went through with the sub. Yes, EVE is a cruel mistress, but I still love this freaking game. I looked back at what I accomplished, and what more I can still learn (which is a ton still) if I dust myself off and rebuild. I got back most of the ISK I lost by selling the free ships and modules I got from the Career Agent missions, and will go to another faction’s Career Agents to get a new set. Next time I’ll pay attention to the brokerage fee in the market and make sure a player’s sell order is not in low-sec. Next time, I’ll grab the mission objective first like the 10 militants and not wander around looting and salvaging the wrecks.

Next time, I’ll know better and in the weeks and months to come I’ll be better.

EVE is a cruel mistress but I love a challenge. Thanks CCP for making this unique game and thanks to all those players who put up with my barrage of n00b questions in Rookie Help.


You might not realize it now, but you’re learning the important, valuable lessons while still new, and losing very little. Quite a few players learn these harsh lessons for the first time later on, and lose much more.

So, it really only gets better from here on for you.


EVE isn’t “cruel”.

EVE is reality.

It’s not an arcade or scripted game.

It’s a game but a very good analogy for RL. A great many parallels and lessons.

There’s an old EVE saying “Some games have a learning curve, EVE has a learning cliff.”

Stick with it. It’s worth it!


Happy to hear you’re sticking around. Your story is uniquely yours – while the other capsuleers have theirs: Somewhere there’s SAFETY capsuleers with a story about how they almost caught you in a belt; another capsuleer now randomly has 10 Militant items constantly reminding them of their heist; another capsuleer is 13 Million ISK richer and could be spending it all on “Exotic Dancer, Male”.

Sure, CCP designs the game mechanics, but the players are the ones figuring out “the rules” – and whose.


Just between you and I and the tens of thousands of players: I didn’t handle losses as wel as you did when I first started out.

You will go far in-game. Welcome to eve online. Glad you are sticking around after doctor who flies off in her tardis.


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Welcome to EVE.
Don’t start anything in the game unless you’ve read about it extensively and even watched some videos.
Don’t fall for the get-isk-quick scams. If it sounds to good to be true it’s not ‘probably’ too good to be true, it definitely is.
Only trust players you’ve gotten to know.
Don’t rush through things, you’ll miss something important.
This is a PvP-first game, regardless of what anybody tells you.
PvP in EVE is everything, even the Market is PvP.
Play with a browser open. This game happens more in your browser than on your In-game screen.
If you can’t be alert in the game, don’t play.
If you have trouble concentrating one day, leave things for another day.
Never be afk unless you’re docked.
Make a note of the players you see often in your “home” system. Many of those are alts.
Don’t take a ship out unless you’re prepared to lose it.
You’ll make friends in this game. Friendship is more important than ships.
CONCORD aren’t your friends.
Ganking is Piracy.
Piracy is a playstyle. Don’t fall prey to pirates, be the pirate.
System Security doesn’t actually mean SECURITY.
Last but not least, fun is more important than isk.
There’s more, go get the information, it’s out there.

Good luck and Fly Dangerously.


If you send them isk they will help you.


The game is a sand-box.

Its other people in that sand box that are trying to do you in.

You are learning some very good lessons that will serve you well in becoming “successful.” Whatever that may be.

As others have pointed out. Knowledge is power in this game. Research. Use 3rd party tools. Become paranoid. Most people are working some sort of angle.

Even noob friendly corps are really just meat grinding mining factories that chew through new bright eyed miners who eagerly mine without really knowing that they are being exploited and undercut.

Sounds grim, but that’s what makes this game glorious. Really sets the tone that space, is dangerous.

Also, I run the only legitimate ISK halfing service in new eden. Send me any amount of isk (2.0 or greater) and I will half it. Guaranteed. 100% satisfaction.

All joking aside, EvE is a great game, and there are good people out there that are willing to help. You found the help channel. Good people in there willing to help.

I hope you do stay. Despite all the crazy this game also offers a lot.


Well Alko, you won’t get any ISK (not without buying something from me anyways :smiley:), but your SAFETY gets a like and a lot of praise for adding content to this game.

I like how it adds danger and excitement, how it keeps me on my toes and always guessing on what’s going to happen next. Keep it up and I’ll keep subbing.


Thanks L’amour and your reply should be pinned to this forum as required reading.


You related to the player in Sarum Prime local who promises to return double any donated ISK? :money_with_wings:

I’m kidding. You’re right that there’s a good bunch of players who want to help and they got me this far.

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You’re welcome. Those aren’t secrets, every EVE players should know those by the first week.


That attitude will serve you well in Eve.

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I don’t double ISK. I halve it.

For example if you send me me 2 bil isk, I will send 1 bil isk back to you.

It’s totally not a scam.

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If nothing else, you’ve certainly learned how to farm likes.

I’ll reserve judgment for now on whether you are an actual new player or just another temp seeing what you can stir up. I’m leaning towards the latter based on the dumpster of alt posting that this forum has become. So far the only names I recognize in this thread are the two doofuses (doofi?) that feel they are on a holy quest to ■■■■ up every thread started in GD.

On the off chance you are legit, let me welcome you to the forum.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


You can safely ignore anything Mr E says.

He hasn’t played EvE in over a decade.


Are you kidding? There are players that have been around years that still don’t fully grasp stuff on your list lol

You are giving part of the player base WAY too much credit.

But anyway………… a couple of general observations

To the topic poster. Welcome. Great to hear you are learning lessons and embracing aspects of the game that too often drive new players out. Sorry you haven’t had much of a chance to interact with the event. There is still time. I have a whole bunch of the lower tier filaments that I’m never going to use. Hit me up in game if you want and ill happily send some your way so you can at least get a little of the event before it ends after the weekend.

This event wont bring in new players they said. And if it does they wont stay. This is not the first story along these lines I’ve heard. And the PCU appears to have been up a little. Looks like the event is turning out to be a lot more popular/interesting/successful than the backlash predicted lol


Hey, thanks for the welcome and for speaking your mind. I rather have that than being talked about behind my back.

I wrote this because I wanted to share my experience as a new player to EVE & say thanks to the players in Rookie Help who helped me. As for being a temp, I can’t guarantee I’ll be here forever but if EVE keeps me interested I will keep coming back.




This is certainly a refreshing change from the average whining/demanding changes that a lot of players bring to the table. Welcome to EVE, good sir.