A Long Not-So-Strange Trip It's Been : My First Year In New Eden

It has been a while since I visited the forums, but very active in New Eden this past year.

What a fun, exciting and crazy year it has been too.

Since I wrote my first post in the forums:
“EVE Be A Cruel Mistress” - Communications Center / General Discussion - EVE Online Forums

I’ve learned so much, yet have so much to learn. I’ve made new in-game friends to share my adventures with. I feel at home in this community. I tried a lot of things but know that’s just a scratch in the surface of what else is out there to try.

I’ve almost forgotten why I decided to try the game, but won’t forget why I will keep coming back.

To those of you who helped me and let me play a part in your New Eden activities, thank you for your kindness and support. To those who got the better of me through a scam or a fight, GF.

Fly safe, and while doing so, be in good health and happiness.



I remember you from Caturday.


I remember you as well.

“You are still not my princess!”

So you do know who that was directed at or just that you only remember Frostpacker saying such to someone?

Saying that right there might rain this thread with unwanted shenanigans as there is an open contract out for the frozen corpse.

You may edit if you wish.

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Same here…and I’ve been in Eve a little over a year. And the craziest thing is…it is not the game I thought I had joined, but I like it anyway. I suspect that is true of a lot of noobs.

CCP would make a fortune if instead of tailoring the game adverts to noob perception they tailored it to the perception people have after 6 months or a year, as I suspect more people would like the way the game really is, and the struggle and risk, than the glossy ’ you could be a trillionaire magnate in the blink of an eye ’ adverts.


I’m going strictly on memory, but I’m assuming you meant Princess Aiko. I’m tempted to go through your activity to see if I am remembering correctly, but let’s see if I am right. If I’m wrong, ooops. :smirk:

We don’t say that name any longer, and please don’t waste your valuable time digging up such as we also don’t engage in arguments with the evil space witch.

Let’s look at actual Pilots who are not as Cruel of a Mistress.

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Glad you’re sticking around!

Did you ever get your 10 Militants back?

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You lost me at old thread link.

Tell the update of the story tho !

me who is almost a year old as well in eve should i make a post as well?

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No, never got them back, but I’m doing Level 3 missions. I have an alt that is in a wormhole corporation too. Still lots more to explore.

Noted, Frostpacker. :joy:

Early Happy Anniversary to you!

Sure, why not? Stories of how players are actually sticking around after joining might be the good news players want to hear…or maybe not. I wrote mine as my way of saying “thank you” to the community.

You’ll probably be just as bored, but I am running Level 3 missions, have an alt in a wormhole corporation, but am busy on the industry part of things with this character. This game can be a time sink at times.

I can’t remember the last subject that was troubling you Pilot Mindahouf Davaham

Maybe there is a bone to chew sitting in your hanger?

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