Welcome to Crime & Punishment

(CCP Falcon) #1

This is the place to discuss the criminal side of EVE Online.

From discussing war, ransoms, scamming, extortion and other illicit activities, to warning other pilots against dealing with unsavory characters, this forum category is for topics relating to the darker side of New Eden.

There are a couple of additional rules for this forum category in addition to the regular forum rules. Please read and follow them:

  1. Please do not create “pod or post” threads. It is not a legitimate ransom tactic to demand a victim post on the forums or face liquidation. Threads of this nature do not contribute anything constructive to the forums other than to purposely embarrass members of the community.

  2. The posting of private chatlogs and EVEmails is not permitted, as past experience has shown us that these have a tendency to incite flames and trolling.

(Toxic Yaken) #2

Can we have a pinned Pirate Story Thread that allows chatlogs with blanked out names like before?

(Tengu Grib) #3

This please!

(Ima Wreckyou) #4

I demand more carebear threads get sent down here for our amusement! This sub forum is seriously lacking content right now.

(yellow parasol) #5

i concur. That thread was inspirational!

(HoleySheet1) #6

I think not repeating the mistakes of the past would be best.

(Tengu Grib) #7

I agree, but I don’t consider that thread a mistake.

(HoleySheet1) #8

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=999RqGZatPs I gotta deal with 20 texas reds at any time…the handsome ranger walks into posiible death with a smile plus the big iron in my pocket…er hip.

(HoleySheet1) #9

which thread?

(HoleySheet1) #10

Since this is a new forum i was wondering if you typicals could show some originality. References to salt and tears and moms basements are so…2010? Intelligence is measured through original thought…not monkeys repeating each other like it appears you attempt constantly.

just sayin’

PS can i get a like?

(Tengu Grib) #11

Pirate stories.

(HoleySheet1) #12

In your view that is ganking freighters? Youre bad ass pirates alright…Please stop making yourself look stupid. I’m enjoying it but you may feel stupid later.

(Vipsan Agrippa) #13

When will the old forums be closed?

(Tengu Grib) #14

Nah ganking is ganking. What I really enjoy is the tales of success in the fact of adversity, over coming unlikely odds and getting away with the loot. Most of the great pirate stories come out of low sec, though now and again a good one does come from high sec, usually from solo hunters.

(Noragen Neirfallas) #15


(Saeger1737) #16

I believe there should just be a Pinned code thread just so there can be no more whiny code threads…

(Tengu Grib) #17

It would certainly make the forums tidier.

(Noragen Neirfallas) #18

That’s not actually a bad idea tbh. How about a pinned thread on ganking in general? I’ve been thinking of putting pen to paper on suspect mechanics tbh. Might do a thread in a few weeks about all the ways to use and abuse them

(Ima Wreckyou) #19

I’m a bit concerned that the whole “forum tutorial” thing you need to be able to create a thread will result in less rage tears threads.

I mean…

It’s of the essence…

(Teinyhr) #20

Is this still in effect on these new forums?