Welcome to Hell

Sick of mining space turds? Sick of shooting fish in a barrel in High Sec? You want to hop face first into hell and shoot your way out with a bunch of cowboys?

We’re a small gang of US West pilots that currently sling space drugs in low sec. We’re looking to recruit anyone and everyone that is ready to move on from boredom. As ex wormholers and experienced null sec pvp pilots you won’t have any trouble learning the ropes.

If you feel like to you don’t need a baby sitter you should shoot me an in game mail.

We’re the Cowboys from Hell and we’re taking over this town and we could use your help doing it.

Hey Occulus Rifts are like the Billy the kid in the Wild West. We get drunk blow ■■■■ up and get on our horse to ride through the sun rise. Hit us up and hop on our discord to have some fun. We are a small (10-15) gang that despite the big block dicks.

You don’t need a mustache like Tom Selleck to join. But if you do, you go straight to the top of the hiring pool! Saddle up for pew pew! Shoot me an in game mail and I’ll be sure and get back to ya.

Come on down the dusty trail ya city slicker! We‘re still hiring! Yea, I’m talking to you Mr. HiSec. With your fancy faction this, and your dumb dead space that. Leave those pirate npcs alone and come shoot at some innocent civilians instead!

Hurry up! There are boosters and exotic dancers of all kinds to be had!!!

We’re gonna be blowing stuff up all week! Come on down!!

Still flying the Jolly Roger! C’mon down! :pirate_flag::pirate_flag::pirate_flag:

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