Welcome to History

High-sec is being invaded by an enemy force, reshaping the topology of the space lanes on a near-daily basis. An unrelenting force is devastating null-sec round the clock, and now it has come out that one of the most powerful tools that they use for safety may be well and truly gone. They say that in response to this, high-sec itself will burn as they lay waste to its infrastructure, and strip its markets of its valuable resources. Meanwhile, other AI forces, steered by the unseen hand of CCPs storytellers, lay waste to player structures, as well as each other. The universe stands at the brink of ripping itself apart, and no one can possibly say how this will play out for sure.

This is history. Some of you may be breaking out lawn-chairs, some of you may be plotting your revenge on your hobbies creator. Either I can assure you that when the story of EVE is written when Andrew Groen pens book 3 (or maybe 4), the choices you make this summer, and the ramifications of those choices will be etched indelibly in it. Many of us joined this game wanting to be part of something grand, something that may one day be talked about with all the majesty of B-R or C-J or even the time Zombie Co defeated CONCORD. While players define where the story goes, all stories need a catalyst, an inciting event. What we do with this will define not only what EVE will become, but what we collectively will become as well.


TL;DR: are you talking about the invasion of Nullbears running back to Highsec?


I am talking about the shear volume of things that are going on:

  • Invasions in high-sec
  • Drifters in null
  • Sansha and Drifters attacking each other and structures in high-sec
  • Local removed from null-sec
  • Null threatening high

These together will make this Summer extremely interesting


LOL, 3/10 for effort. Please remember that CCP (and PA) own the game, not you or any alliance.

I think what CCP is doing is great.

You say I should be afraid, I say bring it!


I am not sure if I failed to communicate this, but this is a very pro-CCP post.


At least we can all say “I was there, it was real.”


OP, you should write movie trailers if you don’t already…I wanted to buy a ticket to that after reading!

    • Lawnchair
    • impotent rage with delusions of revenge

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No, they will not.

I agree Ash - will be interesting


My bad. I’ve been reading too many salty posts.

For that it lacks exploding helicopters, imo…

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