Welcome to the Next Big EVE thing - Feedback

Following the huge cough success cough of Project Discovery and The Agency, CCP is planning is next big thing.

Project: Bug It All!

Player will be in charge of reviewing all the code being put in EVE.
The goal is to spot bugs and get awesome rewards for it!

Such as a Civilian Shield Booster BPO (but in fact a BPC) after 100 bugs found.
If you are good enough and reach the goal of 2000 bugs you will receive the not-so-unique-nor-rare Gallente Shuttle.
At 5000 bugs you will get a unique skin ‘Red is Bad’ skin for your shuttle.

So join the fun today, and make EVE bug free… for free (some charges may apply, read the fine prints before starting)

[Laughter not included but available for a few Plex]


One-line Bad Idea thread.

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That would be AWESOME! I’d replace whatever i could with some nice assembly code!

Capsule skins are a bug. Where’s my BPOcoughC?

Misses the usual buzzwords like “amazing”, “awesome”, etc. Apparently you didn’t visit CCP’s marketting-speak classes.

Nope, I was in Project Discovery class trying to understand the mumble of the professor and moving between seats to find a sense to his data in case a different angle would help to make me see the pattern in it.
In the end I failed the class because I could not see the coughnotcough obvious transit in a straight flat line…

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