Well done, CCP, well done


See this ? It’s the map for the EVE World Tour 2019. And CCP added something you might have missed : the Rifter icon in Australia !

It’s a nice little attention, so our aussie friends will be able to see it right :slight_smile:


Hmm Vegas and Canada.
Why not hold a New Years EvE party in NYC.

WAIT!!! The Rifter is upside down!

It’s not upside down. CCP is just showing us which way the toilet will flush from each location.

How do those guys down there not fall off into space? :confused:

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They have very grabby feets probably.

7 cities is not a world tour.
Carry on.

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kinda what i was think, they would get a lot more to try out eve if they moved to NYC, NYC is trying to become los angeles anyway

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