Well, thanks for the lesson. Now I know what not to do LOL

You betrayed your true self earlier, so your attempts at saving face now are funny at best.

You’re right though, ganking is indeed unbalanced.

Carebears can become virtually 100% safe if they take the necessary precautions, which is bollocks.

Fortunately for us, they’re too greedy to realize it.

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It’s always funny when you gankers get all preachy but allude to things noone knows or cares about.

Yes, your claim there is indeed bollocks. Which is why CCP have stated their intention to reduce highsec ganking.

In which case you’d have zero problem actually providing a quotation in which CCP specifically state that ganking is bad for the game. But you can’t, because none exists and you are just a liar and distorter.

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Allude ? You explicitly said that ganking was “griefing” because “muh isk efficiency” :joy:

Hmm, you care enough about it to whine daily on the forums and put your tin foil hat on whenever the ISD decision-making doesn’t go your way.

Lastly, name a single thing a ganker can do to gank someone who’s taken all the precautions available, and show me where CCP said they would reduce suicide ganking.

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We’re all here to help new players become better and better pilots…

o7 fly safe!

You’re “radicalized” for disagreeing with his whiny lobbying of CCP :joy:

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I have provided you links on multiple occasions. The problem is you follow Aikos lead in declaring that Rattati wasn’t talking about ganking even though he undeniably was.

Did I? You’ve had to do some pretty heavy editing to get my comment to say that specifically.

I care about ganking destroying the game, sure. I don’t care about whatever nonsense gankers try to invent to attack and harass anyone they disagree with.

They can gank them. Short of docking up there is no way a new player can completely avoid a gank, and even to minimise risk they have to sacrifice pretty much all of their efficiency.


applying a clearer focus on reducing ganking to make PvP gameplay in Highsec more equitable and fun for all players

Can’t wait to see which method you use to deny that one, but it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll try.


Hm, someone at the ESRB needs to hurry up and rate the online interactions of this game.



Altara is radicalized because they started off as @Cilla_Cybin shouting down gankers then had a complete 180 flip and now pretty much repeats anything Aiko says, even if it’s objectively false.

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My man, you can lie all you want, people can actually go back and read the comment for themselves.

And no, friend, suicide ganking isn’t destroying the game, and I would love for you to actually provide proof for such a bold claim.

But who am I kidding? You live in a post-fact world.

Before you ask me to prove a negative, remember that the burden of proof is on he who makes the claim.

Here’s an idea, how about you actually provide proof for your assertions and start making arguments?

All I see here are baseless claims with some whining here and there.

You talk a lot about “objectivity” for someone who has yet to prove any of his claims.

Please explain (with evidence) how :

  1. Carebears can’t fully protect themselves from ganking using available tools.

  2. Ganking is killing the game.

About your quote : there’s a difference between “exploring” an idea and “acting upon” it.

That’s a lot of replies. As for you request though, no thanks. I’ve gone through this in the past with your mates and no matter how many references get provided, no matter how much evidence is shown, no ganker has ever turned around and acknowledged it. It’s usually outright denial followed by a barrage of personal attacks, and since you’ve already insulted me multiple times I have no reason to believe you’d be any different.

And ultimately it really doesn’t matter if you accept it or not, CCP are clearly aware given what they said on the winter Q&A and at fanfest. Like wardeccers before you though, if you want to bury your head in the sand and pretend that no changes are coming, you feel free.

So yeah, hard pass.

she grew up and became an EvE player…

whats your excuse?

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Yeah, “she” learned how to blindly accept propaganda as fact and press F1 when instructed. Considering you use a lowercase v there’s a pretty high chance you have no idea what an EVE player is.

No, actually, there was a lesson and I learned it, I actually asked the ISDs to delete my previous post because I realized afterwards that it was just me being a crybaby.


I agree wholeheartedly. In hindsight while shocking, getting wrecked was actually kinda thrilling.


If you say so, ganker alt.

Note to all: after making a series baseless claims, to say the least, crybaby @Lucas_Kell has outright refused to provide supporting evidence.

Seemingly, he believes that we and, by extension, CCP should take his words at face value.

Maybe he’s too important to provide evidence?


:rofl: Nice one