Well the Drifters are in high sec

Many seem to be missing this. Nothing more then a troll thread if people keep thinking this means drifters are now attacking in highsec.

I have heard they will attack you first if you have a fetish of carrying corpses in your cargo…

There are conditions where drifters will shoot first. And there have been incidents where large drifter balls have spawned and attacked just like in null. The testing of that occurred in highsec for example months ago.

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Interesting. I been reading some of the threads on drifters in null. I cant figure the point besides a random event that will disperse at some point. I suppose it would make sense that all space could get these nasty buggers in force.

If so Concord needs more purpose. All they do is instant kill criminals and take bribes. You think an invasion would call for some intervention on their part. If highsec ever becomes that dangerous with drifters Concord could provide some balance so highsec can remain somewhat highsec.

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Which is the one that will attack you if you are flying with corpses?

A friend is asking.

3 way battle Drifters vs Trigs vs Highsec players please

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Battle Royal !!!

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